Why Your Vitamin B12 Supplement Won’t Help Your Nerve Pain

If you’ve talked to any expert on neuropathy or done even basic research on the condition – you’ll know that vitamin B12 is perhaps the most important vitamin for boosting your nerve health.

So why would I tell you that it won’t help with your neuropathy?

It’s not that B12 CAN’T help boost nerve health and ease neuropathy. If you find it the right form, it absolutely can AND will help. The problem is that most of the B12 vitamins you’ll find at your grocery store or online aren’t the right form of B12 for neuropathy.

Unfortunately, most manufacturers are trying to boost their bottom line by selling a cheaper, less effective form of the vitamins they’re pushing.

This is especially true of vitamin B12.

If you’re not already taking a B12 supplement, you should start today.

But you need to take the right one – otherwise you’re throwing your money away.

Nerve Renew©, offered by Neuropathy Treatment Group, offers a complete Neuropathy Support Formula that is loaded with the highest quality ingredients, including Vitamin B12. Their ingredients have been shown to be effective in clinical trials, all come from natural sources and each step of their process is double checked and signed off by a quality control specialist.

Best Part?

They offer a 2 Week Trial, just pay shipping to try it! 

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