WHO: Vaccines still unlikely until summer 2021 [Video]


  • The widespread distribution of COVID-19 vaccines are projected to be released by mid-2021, says officials from the World Health Organization. 
  • The WHO also added that one shot of the vaccine can last long and can protect about 70 percent of people receiving the vaccines.
  • While details on how the vaccines will be equally distributed worldwide are being discussed, experts said that healthcare workers should be the top recipients for the initial vaccine doses.

The World Health Organization (WHO) officials predicted on Sunday that extensive distributions of vaccines for COVID-19 won’t probably happen until the middle part of 2021.


According to USA Today, WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan told reporters that a vaccine might not be available to the public until sometime in summer.

Swaminathan added that it only takes one shot for an ideal vaccine candidate to protect around 70 percent of people who receive vaccine doses despite the minimal standard of 50 percent. Just one shot can last for many years, the WHO said.  

This forecast correlates with previous WHO reports that also said that COVID-19 vaccine doses won’t be available until mid-2021.

In a bid to avoid “vaccine nationalism” with the COVAX initiative that includes over 150 countries in improving vaccine access, the WHO has taken measures to make sure the vaccines are equally distributed worldwide. The target is to be able to produce 2 billion doses at the end of 2021.

While details on how an impending coronavirus vaccine would be distributed remain unclear, it has been deduced that everyone will be immunized following a phased approach. Experts have pushed that frontline workers, mainly the health care sector, receive the first round of doses, followed by other essential workers.

On Tuesday, a federal advisory group called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices discussed options regarding vaccine distributions. Although the group did not report their recommendations, they said to meet again to vote on recommended vaccine dosage once the Food and Drug Administration approves a vaccine.

Key players for producing vaccines include pharmaceutical companies Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Pfizer, which are government-funded under Operation Warp Speed.


Source: The Hill

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2 thoughts on “WHO: Vaccines still unlikely until summer 2021 [Video]

  1. We don’t have anything to do with WHO They are in China”s pocket along with the UN They will be sorry they ever got hooked up with China i think we are far ahead of the world in producing a vaccine that will work and I do not believe it will be until next Summer That is their thoughts or the Chinese thoughts China is going to pay for what they have done to the world Lets see in 10 years where China is The countries that are doing business with them will be forced to continue because if you don’t buy their products even for a short time it will kill them It will be coming and they will continue their self made islands that they believe that gives them all of the rights to that area They will continue until stopped

  2. Focusing on a vaccine for Covid-19 is a FOOLS errand.

    Trump is CORRECT, the FOCUS must be on THERAPUTICS (a cure), not a vaccine (a prevention)!

    At this time, out of a worldwide population of 7.8 BILLION, there have been approximately 38 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 (less than 0.5%). Treating 38 million people is a vastly smaller and far more realistic challenge than vaccinating 7.8 BILLION people – and there may NEVER be a 100% effective vaccination!

    The reality, however, is the majority of those 38 million confirmed cases, will recover with MINIMAL, even NO treatment. So targeting a CURE IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT and EFFECTIVE than betting on the IMPOSSIBLE TASK of administering a vaccine to 7.8 BILLION people for prevention among the huge portion of the worldwide population that will NEVER CONTRACT the disease!

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