WHO Chief Calls Coronavirus ‘Unchartered Territory’, Now More Than 90,000 Cases Worldwide


  • The outbreak has infected more than 90,000 people and claimed the lives of 3,100 worldwide.
  • The WHO chief sent a warning that they never seen a “respiratory pathogen” like that of the Coronavirus.
  • Outside China, South Korea, Italy, and Iran have recorded the most number of  Coronavirus cases. 

The chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday evening cautioned that health officials are threading into “uncharted territory” as they fight the coronavirus pandemic.

This is following a report that Monday evening, that the world is facing more than 90,000 cases infected by the virus in 73 countries and territories.

Since the first case of Coronavirus was detected in the Wuhan, China, in December, the virus has spread to almost every continent,  excluding Antarctica.

Currently, health workers from Iran, South Korea, and Italy are doubling their effort to combat the virus. Other nations, meanwhile, are imposing travel bans to affected countries, pushing health advisories, canceling work and school,  and are on heightened alert to avoid COVID-19.

As of today, Coronavirus claimed the lives of 3,115 people, and 172 of recorded deaths were outside of mainland China.

Presently, the WHO still represses in categorizing the incident as a global outbreak.  They warned, though, that the possibility of it could happen in the near future.

Via Twitter, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the worldwide health watchdog, said that no respiratory pathogen in history had this capability of communal transmission, but he believes that with the proper measure, the virus spread can still be contained.

Investors worldwide are also preparing for the worst as rising cases of COVID-19  could cause an economic recession globally.  China, an economic giant in Asia, have closed factories, which are major contributors to the global supply chain following the growing Coronavirus cases from their mainland.

Mainland China recorded 2,943 deaths out of at least 80,151 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The economic effects, however, were not limited to China as the virus also affected businesses and consumer behavior all over the world.

Ghebreyesus also said on Monday that the reports they received from the last 24 hours indicate that there are now more new cases of COVID-19 recorded outside China at the rate of nine times more in other countries.

Three of these other countries, Iran, South Korea, and Italy, are amongst those who are the most alarming cases outside of  China. In Seoul, more than 4,800 have tested positive, and 28 total deaths according to authorities on Tuesday.

Italian health officials have listed at least 1,835 patients and 52 fatalities.

Iran confirmed that they have at least 2,336 infected, and one of  77 casualties includes Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, an adviser to their Supreme Leader. To prevent the virus from spreading, some of Iran’s neighboring nations have resorted to closing their borders from the country.

Meanwhile, officials in Europe were also to implement early measures following the confirmed cases of 2,000 people infected by the virus.

The U.S also faces a mounting number of cases, listed with 100 people infected and six deaths in total.

Source: CNN

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