Wednesday’s 9th Democratic Debate: Winners and Losers [Video]


  • The 9th Democratic Party Presidential debate was held on July 19, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. NBC, MSNBC, and The Nevada Independent co-hosted the debate.
  • Six contenders faced off in a debate to prove their qualifications worthy of the presidential position.
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren fared greatly, while Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was beaten up by all five of his components.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s sharp policy statements, strong knowledge in legal affairs, and effective grilling of billionaire and former NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg reclaimed her place on top of the Democratic presidential campaign. She was eager to make a major win this time, given the disappointing results she got in the last Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

And she did just that.

According to post debate expert, Karen Hinton, “She really hammered away at Bloomberg, she didn’t hesitate. You could tell even the audience was enjoying it”.

Warren wasn’t the only one attacking Bloomberg during the forum though, the other five candidates also targeted him, especially because he was subjected to multiple lawsuits and sexual harassment allegations in the workplace. Add to that, his vocal support for the stop-and-frisk policing strategy, which is controversial.

“It’s a big loss for Bloomberg,” said Hinton. “Whatever good feelings got obtained through his money have now retreated because the other candidates ruined his reputation on stage. That will make people very doubtful about Bloomberg’s ability to survive it — even with a billion dollars.”

Aside from Warren, here are the other candidates who fared well during the debate:

Joe Biden was adamant. Without hesitation, he proved his qualifications and take credit for health care and ending stop-and-frisk.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar communicated her ideas well, she was tough and have good policies up her sleeve.

And here are the candidates who obviously lost:

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was a disaster. He obviously didn’t survive all the attacks thrown at him.

Sen. Bernie Sanders seems out of touch with the American people.

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s debate with Sen. Amy Klobuchar shows that he is too inexperienced for the job.

Source: New York Post

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