Virginia gunman resigned just a few hours before mass shooting


  • The Virginia Beach gunman who attacked his colleagues at a government office building and killed 12 people and injured others on Friday resigned by email hours before the massacre.
  • DeWayne Craddock, 40, emailed a superior of his intention to leave his job as a civil engineer that morning, according to officials.
  • The motive has not been determined yet.

The Virginia Beach gunman who attacked a municipal complex on Friday and killed 12 people and wounded several others had notified his superior of his intention to leave his job resignation earlier that morning, police said Sunday.

DeWayne Craddock, the shooter, worked as a civil engineer with the city’s public utilities department for 15 years. Virginia Beach City Manager Dave Hansen said Craddock’s work performance was “satisfactory” with no ongoing issues of discipline.

Hansen, in a press conference, confirmed Craddock had notified his chain of command of his intention to resign via email on Friday, hours before the massacre.

The city manager reiterated that the 40-year-old shooter was not terminated from his job nor in the process of being fired leading up to the massacre. Authorities are still are investigating for a possible motive for the shooting

There was no “glaring” motive, Virginia Beach Police Chief James Cervera said. There also no information on whether Craddock was targeting a specific person in the office.

The chief provided more information on the timeline of the shooting.

According to Cervera, officers arrived outside the complex within two minutes of receiving a call of shots fired. The officers entered the building a few minutes later and engaged in a “long gun battle” with the gunman that lasted 5 to 8 minutes. The chief added the number of rounds fired went into the double digits but said he has no specific numbers.

An officer was shot and wounded during the gunfight. The wounded suspect was eventually taken into custody after the officers breached the door the gunman had been firing behind. He was immediately given first aid, but Craddock later died.

Chief Cervera then praised the officers their efforts to save the Craddock’s life and seeing a fellow officer wounded, saying “our police officers truly believe in the sanctity of life.”

The community had a prayer service on Saturday night to pay tribute to all of the victims of the shooting. Further memorial services were to be planned, Hansen said.


Source: Fox News

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