Victims’ Families Awaits Bodies After 29 Killed in Thailand Shooting Spree


  • Families of victims will wait as autopsies for 29 people shot dead on Saturday in a busy shopping mall in Thailand could take days to complete.
  • Sgt. Maj. Jakrapanth Thomma, engaged in a 13-hour standoff that ended when Thai special forces shot and killed him.
  • The Thai government will give out compensation to the families of the victims.

Completing the full autopsies for all the 29 people shot dead on Saturday in a busy shopping mall in Thailand could take days, officials said.

Two non-resident forensic pathologists from outside of town joined the only forensic at a public hospital in Nakhon Ratchasim — a metropolis with about 150,000 people — to examine the bodies and prepare them to be returned to their families in the coming days.

The gunman was a Thai soldier. He reportedly shot and killed his commanding officer, the officer’s mother-in-law and wounded at least three other soldiers at the Suatham Phithak military camp before he instigated the shooting at the Terminal 21 Korat Mall in Nakhon Ratchasima, 160 miles northeast of Bangkok.

Sgt. Maj. Jackrapanth Thomma took part in a 13-hour standoff that ended with his death when Thai special forces open fired, the investigators reported.

Wimonwan Panyawong, a clinical psychologist who traveled from Bangkok told The Associated Press that a team from the government mental health department handed out cake and tissues in the aftermath of the shooting.

Families of the victims lined the morgue of the public hospital waiting to fill out paperwork to identify bodies delivered in gurneys by the paramedics. The Thai government will give out compensation from the criminal victims’ fund to the families.

The survivors returned to the airport shopping center on Sunday afternoon to retrieve vehicles they abandoned while they were fleeing the scene on the previous day. The mall has been cleaned up, the lights on and the shops have been left open.

The casualties of the shooting rampage include a 13-year-old middle school student shot on his bicycle killing him en route to the mall, and a mother who died with arms wrapped around her 2-year-old son, as the boy’s father collapsed nearby.

Nearly 1,000 people and Buddhist priests gathered at the famous national monument, a statue of Thao Suranari, to pray and join the Buddhist tradition of raising lit candles to the sky to direct souls to heaven.


Source: Fox News

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