US Decides to Evacuate Wuhan Consulate as China Cautions Against Spread of Coronavirus


  • The National Health Commission Minister of China believes that there is a possible spread of the Coronavirus.
  • The United States state department announced to evacuate their Wuhan consulate. A charter plane will leave Wuhan with consulate personnel and few private citizens.
  • Other countries including Australia, France, and Japan are also considering the options to bring back their citizens.

On Sunday, Chinese officials said that coronavirus is likely to spread out to other areas. Keeping this in mind, the United States has decided to evacuate its Wuhan consulate. They are planning to move all the officials and few private citizens to other locations. The virus originated from the city of Wuhan.

China’s National Health Commission minister, Ma Xiaowei talked to a press conference on Sunday. He informed that the coronavirus has an incubation period of 14 days. The incubation period defines the time during a virus is infectious.

China’s National Health Commission minister, Ma Xiaowei Media Talk

“At present, the rate of development of the epidemic is accelerating,” Ma added. “I am afraid that it will continue for some time, and the number of cases may increase.”

The National Health Commission revealed on Sunday that there are 56 people who died from the coronavirus. When asked how many people are infected, he confirmed that there are 2000 patients. Additionally, there are 2600 suspects who might have the virus as well.

There is not much information regarding how the virus affects a person. However, its symptoms are wheezing, coughing, pneumonia and fever. It spreads through respiratory transmission. There is a chance that the virus originated from animals before it was transmitted from person to person.

“From now on, the spread of the epidemic is relatively fast, which brings some challenges and pressures to prevention and control,” he said. “Experts predict that the epidemic is now entering a more severe and complicated period.”

The minister said there is no proof that it’s a mutant virus. However, the possibility can’t be ruled out.

The US state department is closely monitoring the situation. On Sunday, they have announced to evacuate their Wuhan facility. The charter flight will leave on Tuesday with consulate personnel and few private citizens. According to the state department, they will prioritize Americans who are more likely to get infected with the virus.

A few other countries are also looking for options regarding how to help out their citizens in Wuhan. Australia and France are considering the options of charter flights. Moreover, Japan is arranging a charter flight on Sunday to bring back its citizens from Wuhan.


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