UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted to ICU for persistent coronavirus symptoms


  • After being hospitalized on Monday because of COVID-19, U.K.’s Prime Minister was moved to the ICU because of his apparent worsening condition.
  • Boris Johnson declared a countrywide lockdown, and a few days after, he announced his coronavirus diagnosis.
  • U.S President Donald Trump says he was saddened upon hearing the news of Johnson’s admission to the hospital.  

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has been transferred to the intensive care unit as he continues to battle symptoms of coronavirus.

Through a written statement by Boris’ office, he said that he was admitted to the  St. Thomas’ Hospital in London on Monday, following his doctor’s recommendation as COVID-19 persists to his system.

The premier, who was earlier tested positive with the coronavirus, was taken to the hospital. Still, Boris’ condition did not improve with the afternoon, pushing his medical team to move him to the intensive care unit, the statement said.

Should it be necessary, Johnson named Secretary of State for Foreign, Domenic Raab, to act as a deputy.

Meanwhile, in the U.S, during the daily coronavirus task force presser, President Donald Trump started by expressing his sadness upon hearing about the latest on Johnson, also saying that he wishes Boris will get well soon, and Americans will include the premier in their prayers.

Trump added that Boris is a good friend, and he knows the prime minister as someone firm, strong, and does not give in.

It was only around the middle of March when Johnson started to take COVID-19 pandemic seriously, and on March 27, Johnson made an announcement that he contracted the virus. He was lambasted earlier for his initial response to the health crisis.

Johnson also received criticism during the first days of March when he admitted that he shooked hands with COVID-19 patients in local hospitals. He said during a news briefing on March 3 that he wanted to let everyone know that he continues to interact with people.    

The British Prime minister was the first head of a nation that was tested positive with coronavirus. 

By the last week of March, Johnson carried out a nationwide lockdown,  shutting down specific businesses, except for essential supplies. He also urged people to stay at their homes.

According to the data gathered by Johns Hopkins University, United Kingdom now has around 52,000 individuals infected with coronavirus, with at least 5,300 casualties because of the outbreak.

Source: CBS News

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