U.S. surpasses 100,000 deaths due to coronavirus [Video]


  • The U.S faces another grim milestone as COVID-19 death toll reaches more than 100,000.
  • The number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in the U.S with the latest count of at least 1.7 million infected individuals.
  • Some states plan to move ahead with the reopening despite the alarming numbers.   

Data gathered by the John Hopkins University shows that coronavirus related deaths in the U.S have now reached over 100,000, and this figure is now considered the highest number of casualties in a country.

The number of COVID-19 cases in the US is now at no less than 1.7 million, and this makes up a large portion of the world’s 5.6 million infections.

New York still holds the highest number of cases and deaths with more than 29,000. New Jersey comes in second, exceeding 11,000 people infected by the bug.

COVID-19 has had an unbalanced ratio in terms of people of color as communities such as Latin Americans and African Americans have been stricken with the higher numbers of infections and deaths.

The center of outbreak in the U.S is in New York City, with Bronx and Queens listed of having the most number of infections. Both these areas are home to more low-income families and with a high number of residents of color.

At the peak of New York’s COVID-19 pandemic,  a one-day death count almost reached 800 which lasted for a few consecutive days in April.

On Tuesday, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that while the death count was down at 73, he commented it was still a catastrophe.

Despite the latest numbers not looking good, several states across the country are proceeding going ahead with plans to reopen.

Texas, which has entered the second phase of its reopening, reported its largest single-day increase in confirmed cases last week.

In Panhandle, Dumas, Texas, CBS Houston partner KHOU-TV reported that one out of every 41 residents there have been infected with coronavirus, adding that the pandemic was believed to have started from the meatpacking plants. Governor Greg Abbott has put on hold the resumption plans in four counties in Panhandle.

Meanwhile, a large portion of COVID-19 deaths is said to be happening in nursing homes across the U.S, comprising over 30% of total coronavirus related deaths.

CBS News recently discovered that around one in every 15 nursing homes were tagged last year as lacking with staff and crew.

In Navajo Nation, between New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, there were reports of shortages in running water at roughly 30% of the elderly homes. This deficiency has primarily contributed to the community having the highest coronavirus infection percentage for each person in the U.S., according to President Donald Trump.

Source: CBS News

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