U.S Surgeon General warns this week will get worse, coronavirus should be taken seriously [Video]


  • The U.S Surgeon General cautioned everyone that it’s time to take the coronavirus more seriously as it continues to spread across the country.
  • The doctor also said the worst is about to come within the week as many people still ignore the calls for self-quarantine. 
  • He warned that young people are also at risk of being infected with COVID-19, thus, it is best to stay home.

On Monday, U.S Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, said the worse is yet to come this week on the coronavirus pandemic,  and this is primarily because people throughout the country are still taking the health crisis lightly.

In an interview with the ‘Today’ show, Adams said that he wants the American people to expect that within the week, the situation will be bad.

The Public Health Service Commissioned Corps vice-admiral also said that many individuals, particularly the younger group, are not following calls by the authorities to isolate themselves at home and exercise social distancing.

Adams further said that, apparently, there are still many people who don’t consider the health crisis a serious matter.

The doctor also remarked that there still many spring breakers who gather at California beaches. At the same time, some are groups even visiting the National Mall in Washington, D.C., only to witness the blossoming of cherry trees, which is not a rare occurrence.

He further warned that young people are also susceptible to COVID-19, and the risk of being hospitalized confined or even death is still possibly high.

The vice-admiral suggested that everyone should have a mindset of having the virus, tested or not tested. People must also realize that even someone does not have symptoms, he or she can be a carrier and spread it to someone else, or somebody could get it from other individuals. 

When the doctor is asked to comment about the mounting pressure for President Donald Trump to utilize the Defense Production Act and compel manufacturers to speed up the production of essential supplies, Adams said that it’s already redundant.

He said that companies like Hanse and Honeywell are already mass-producing the needed supplies at this time.

Adams further stressed that the only way to put an end to the spread of coronavirus is through preventive measures, and making sure that more people won’t be infected.

Source: AOL

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