Trump’s tirades against Biden yield boomerang effect


  • President Donald Trump launched two new campaign ads aimed against former Vice President Joe Biden.
  • Trump’s handling of the coronavirus crisis led him behind Biden in the recent 2020 presidential polls.
  • Trump’s attacks on Biden backfired as the president is found guilty on the accusations he’s throwing to his rival.

The recent two new ads for President Donald Trump’s re-election bid took offense against former-vice-president-now-Democratic nominee Joe Biden — for defending China and lying about his credentials in the 1980s. These, however, have also backfired on Trump — from China to his achievements, from nepotism to allegations of sexual assault to verbal blunders.

As the coronavirus pandemic loomed over the political landscape, it has affected Trump’s campaign for a second term. Currently, Biden leads in recent national and local state polls for the presidential race.

In one of his new ads, Trump says “Biden stands up for China,” where clips of Biden last year are shown downplaying China’s economic threat to the country and saying “they are not bad folks.”

However, Trump had likewise repeatedly lauded China. On his January 24th tweet, he said the country has been working very hard against COVID-19, then on February 23, he told the media that “President Xi is working very, very hard” and “doing a very good job.”

Trump’s second ad shows clips of Biden during the 1988 presidential campaign. The former vice president is seen telling voters he graduated in the top half of his class at law school, had three college degrees, and was named “outstanding political science student.” Then the clip ended with TV reporters saying those claims aren’t true.

The second ad also fired back at the president. Trump was caught distorting his own contemporaries. A former reporter for Forbes 400 said he lied about his wealth in the 1980s as part of an “elaborate farce” to include himself in the magazine’s American’s richest people.

He also exaggerated his approval ratings and crowd sizes, made disprovable claims about his accomplishments as president.

Trump’s campaign portrayed Biden as an old and mentally-deteriorating 77-year-old individual. Video footages shared online show Biden mangling his words or losing his train of thought.

But Trump, at 73 years of age, had his own history of confusing remarks and verbal blunders — from calling Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple,” to mixing up 9/11 and 7-Eleven, to confusing FEMA with the world’s governing body of football FIFA.

Same with this accusation against Biden’s nepotism — as Biden’s son, Hunter, obtained a well-paying position on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company while Biden was vice president — Trump also gave senior White House positions to his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Recently, Biden has been under fire over sexual assault allegations from Tara Reade, his former senate staff in 1993, which he insisted had “never happened.”

Trump’s campaign has aggressively been using the incident to lambast Biden. And yet, those attempts have reactivated the issues of many women who have accused Trump of sexual harassment or assault. A 2005 tape featuring Trump boasting about grabbing women’s “pu*****” was unearthed before the 2016 presidential election.


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