Trump Says COVID-19 Risk “Remains Very Low”, Put VP Pence In Charge [Video]


  • Coronavirus COVID-19 has spread worldwide with more than 81,000 confirmed cases as of this writing. While the US has 60 confirmed cases.
  • The Trump Administration has taken various steps to prevent further infections in the US.
  • With Trump saying that there’s very low risk from the virus, he appointed Vice President Mike Pence to be in charge of the response to COVID-19.

US President Donald Trump has announced during a White House address on February 26, that Vice President Mike Pence will be the new person in charge of the response to the deadly outbreak, COVID-19. Trump added that the risk to the United States from the coronavirus “remains very low”. This conference was held shortly after Trump returned from his state visit to India.

Contrary to the statement from the federal health officials just a day before, Trump added that the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in the United States is not “inevitable”. And, that the US government is ready for “anything”, including an outbreak “of larger proportions”.

To keep the virus at bay, the government has taken steps including the declaration of a public health emergency, enacting travel bans, and mandatory quarantines in selected port of entries.

Trump’s decision that Pence is to be in charge is because the vice president has “a certain talent for this”, given his experience as a former governor of Indiana, having passed health care policies. His new job is to coordinate with the medical professionals and other workers involved in keeping the coronavirus in check in the United States.

At noon on the day of Trump’s conference, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that there are 60 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the US. Most of the patients are the recently repatriated passengers of the Diamon Princess cruise ship.

Source: CNBC

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