Trump Presidency Exemplified By Border Wall GoFundMe Page


  • Supporters of President Trump are raising $1B via a GoFundMe campaign to build the US-Mexico border wall.
  • They say a wall is needed to keep immigrants from stealing their jobs.
  • But immigrants actually help economies by paying taxes and working jobs often ignored by citizen workers.

Trump supporters are spearheading a viral GoFundMe campaign to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

While the idea of funding a wall seems a pointless endeavor that would only fuel up anti-immigrant fear and resentment, wasn’t that Trump’s promise during his presidential campaign in 2016?  Just as he promised in his Sept. 1, 2016 tweet that “Mexico will pay for the wall!” he also repeated the same sentiment multiple times as president.

But that promise was broken.  He has yet to get the finances to foot the bill even with his own party taking control of Congress for two years.

So that’s why his supporters are donating into a GoFundMe page to raise at least a billion dollars to meet the $5B price tag set by Trump. As of this writing, nearly $10 million has already been raised — far short of their goal.

As a patriotic liberal whose heart grows fourfold when I think of how much my immigrant ancestors sacrificed as they tried to enter this country, only to be turned away at the border.  And it’s not because they’re breaking the rules, but because the rules that previously allowed certain groups of migrants to seek asylum at the border were changed by President Trump.

Trump supporters say a wall is needed because they say immigrants are ‘stealing’ their jobs. Contrarily, they actually help economies by spending and paying taxes, and take on jobs that citizens don’t want to fill.  However, one thing that is overlooked is that most undocumented immigrants do not cross the border but overstay their visas after arriving on US soil.

So rather than building a wall, why can’t we just spend the money instead to address the problems that all Americans face – opioid addiction, languishing wages, deteriorating roads, failing public schools and inaccessibility to affordable healthcare.

But seemingly, this isn’t just Trump’s many deceptions.

Tax policies that the president promised afforded the big businesses and the rich their biggest breaks. Worse, these laws will increase taxes for the bottom 20% of Americans by 2025.

Trump’s trade wars including those with China have led to layoffs including 14,000 GM workers and harmed rural farmers as well. Although Trump gave farmers a $9.5 billion subsidy, it’s still far less than what farmers say they’ve lost due to the trade wars.

Furthermore, the rollbacks made by Trump on environmental health and safety cause more air and water pollution. The deregulation of the coal industry alone is anticipated to raise about 1,400 deaths from heart and lung disease annually.

This is how Trump is governing as president-on empty promises. When will his supporters realize that they’re the ones paying the price?

Source: Newsweek

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