Trump Op-Ed Backfires on USA Today


  • President Trump wrote an op-ed article in USA Today against the “Medicare for All” program of the Democrats.
  • Critics pointed out factual inaccuracies and contradictions in the article.
  • USA Today was placed in the hot seat for allowing such publication without running a proper fact check.

“It is full of outright lies, easily demonstrated lies. Disgraceful,” tweeted journalism professor Dan Gillmor criticizing President Donald Trump’s op-ed published by USA Today as a “journalistic malpractice.”

The article garnered the reaction of several personalities after USA Today allowed for the publication of Trump’s opinion editorial. This article claims that the plan of the Democratic party in pushing for “Medicare for All” program would adversely affect seniors and the Medicare program.

The central issues to the op-ed article as pointed out by the critics were the factual inaccuracies contained in it as well as the dubious statements it claimed.

The Washington Post’s writer for the “Fact Checker” blog Glenn Kessler tweets questioning the decision of USA Today in allowing to publish Trump’s op-ed containing “documented falsehoods.”

Others were also quick to point out how the op-ed contradicts itself by including links which directly refuted its claims.

Matthew Gertz, senior fellow at Media Matters for America, a liberal media watchdog, tweeted about how USA Today allows Trump to “lie about his position” regarding the said issue while the accompanying links reveal otherwise.

Marcus Gilmer particularly pointed out how Trump linked a “failing!” story on New York Times about Bernie Sander’s “Medicare for All” program when upon closer look reveals the opposite of what Trump claimed.

Daniel Dale of The Toronto Star tweeted that USA Today not only published a White House press release in the guise of an op-ed by Donald Trump but also allowed its Twitter platform to be used to “blast out the article’s lies to 3.6 million followers.”

The barrage of criticisms is a result of Trump’s continued campaigning on behalf of the Republicans for the upcoming midterm elections this year through attendance at rallies and increased rhetoric directed against the Democrats.

Chip Stewart, a journalism professor at Texas Christian University stated that this action of the American daily without running a fact check “seems negligent on behalf of USA Today.”

Source: NBC News


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