Trump grants presidential pardons for five convicted criminals


  • President Donald Trump on Monday issued five pardons for five criminals convicted for an array of crimes that included drug trafficking and weapons sale, according to a White House announcement.
  • Included in the pardon is a statement from each individual of their accepting responsibility for their crimes and their services to the community and charity since their release.
  • Furthermore, the rights of these men whom the president said are deserving of executive clemency, will be fully restored.

On Monday, the White House announced in a statement that U.S. President Donald Trump handed out full pardons to five criminals imprisoned for drug trafficking, sale of weapons and unlawful gambling.

The pardon also reinstated the men’s right to vote and to bear arms. It also mentioned the individual’s acceptance of accountability for their crimes as well as the community service each has done since they were released.

Convicted of their crimes over 20 years ago, the pardoned individuals were John Richard Bubala, Roy Wayne McKeever, Rodney Takumi Michael Tedesco, and Chalmer Lee Williams.

Bubala was charged with unethical use of federal property while McKeever was convicted of distributing marijuana via telephone. Takumi was seized while working at an illegal gambling house. Tedesco was sentenced for drug trafficking and fraud stemming from a drug crime while airport baggage handler Williams was charged with theft of firearms from checked luggage.

The White House statement wrote, “After a careful review of the files of each of these individuals, President Trump has concluded that each are entirely deserving of Executive Clemency.”

Trump also commuted the sentences of two people namely, Ronen Nahmani and Ted Suhl.

A first-time offender with five children and a wife sick with cancer, Nahmani was sentenced to prison for possession of synthetic cannabinoids with intent to sell. He was charged with running a business of importing drugs from China and Hong Kong and distributing them in the United States.

According to the statement, Nahmani’s release was backed by Democratic U.S. Representative Hakeem Jeffries and Republican congressman Mark Meadows.

Arkansas man Ted Suhl on the other hand, was convicted of being involved in a bribery scheme to raise Medicaid payments to his company.


Source: AOL

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