Trump deviates from health guidelines by urging Americans to resume work ASAP


  • President Donald Trump went against the public health guidelines by encouraging the citizens to go back to work as soon as possible, in order to boost the current state of economy. 
  • However, public health experts, especially those who are part of the administration’s COVID-19 task force, continued to advise that stringent measures of social distancing and containment across the states are vital.
  • Trump’s pronouncement earned the ire of critics which include members of his own party, saying that letting this happen could be worse for the economy in the long run. 

Through his Twitter post on Tuesday morning, US President Donald Trump deviated from the standard public health guidelines by encouraging all Americans to return back to work as soon as possible, with his common all-caps slogan “the cure cannot be worse than the problem.” 

The White House is already halfway in its participation in the “Stop the Spread” campaign — a 15-day campaign led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that encourages citizens to work from home if possible and apply social distancing by not gathering in groups. 

But over the past two days, the president had publicly and privately stirring the business sector to start pulling people back to work to boost the “struggling” US economy. This is an apparent concern for Trump as he vies for re-election in November. He even indicated last Monday that he would revisit the Stop-the-Spread campaign when it ends on March 30, and likely even loosen the guidelines on social distancing. 

Public health authorities, including those officials that are part of the administration’s COVID-19 task force, have emphasized the need to practice social distancing now more than ever as the virus has not yet hit its peak in the country. Since the virus is highly contagious and can be spread by people who are asymptomatic, experts claimed that stringent measures of social distancing and containment across the nation are the only way to secure the lives of the seniors and other vulnerable groups and individuals. 

The principles of social distancing are not aligned with the president’s pronouncement to send people back to work in industries that involved daily and constant face-to-face interactions. Major population centers have been failing to implement wide-scale social distancing not until governments shut down public establishments. This has happened in many US states and other countries in the West. 

On Monday, The Washington Post reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading official of Trump’s coronavirus task force, together with other health officials, warned Republican leaders about stopping the containment measures to revive the economy.

In his interview on the TODAY show with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie on Friday, Fauci implied disapproval on the notion that life will be back as usual after a week. He mentioned that the health crisis is unlikely to end soon given the “trajectory of the curves of outbreaks.”

The president’s crusade to push people back to work is earning the ire from the experts and members of his own party, saying that letting this happen will heighten possibility for the virus to spread and kill more Americans which will worsen the economy in the long run. 


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