Travelers use fake Covid test certificates to board flights


  • Due to the pandemic, many airline companies now require travelers to present proof of a ‘negative’ coronavirus test result before they can board flights.
  • Some travelers in the UK are breaking the rules by presenting fake coronavirus test certificates.
  • According to reports, travelers can get the doctored certificates for only £150 (US $195).

Reports say travelers in the UK are using fake coronavirus test certificates so they can board flights.

These people said they were able to obtain doctored certificates for £150 (US $195). Rule breakers photoshop someone else’s test and change it to their name before printing it out and present it at UK airports.

Many airline companies now require proof of a negative coronavirus test before people can travel to certain countries.

A small group is selling false-negative certificates to travelers who are willing ready to pay £50-£150 for fake documents.

Currently, Covid-19 tests in the UK are only available for front-line workers so travelers have no choice but to obtain a private test which can cost up to £150.

One traveler admitted that his friend gave him a ‘negative’ test certificate and then he changed his name’s friend to his own and printed it out. He said he used it to travel to Pakistan.

The man, who refused o be indentified, told the Lancashire Telegraph: “People are doing this as you can’t get a Covid test if you have to travel to Pakistan in case of an emergency.

“It is difficult to get one unless you are a key worker.

“If you put down you have symptoms then you don’t get the test. How can you travel then?”

Other travelers who also want to travel pay for the fake negative tests.

Reports say some are charging £150 in Bradford for a fake certificate for last-minute travelers and others in Blackburn were reportedly asking for a £50 fee.

Another traveller said: “We needed a Covid-19 test for a family member and I spoke to one travel agent and he said, ‘Get it done and even if it comes out positive we will provide a negative one for you for £50’.”

Official government advice states: “Some airlines require passengers to have recent Covid-19 test results in order to fly. You should not use the NHS testing service to get a test in order to facilitate your travel to another country. You should arrange to take a private test. Contact your travel company for the latest information.”

The Civil Aviation Authority has not immediately responded when the Sun Online contacted the agency for comment.

Source: The Sun

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