Top health and security expert says continue coronavirus restrictions or face millions of casualties [Video]


  • An expert with health and security told the U.S officials to reconsider plans to lift measures against coronavirus outbreak.
  • Tom Inglesby also recommended social distancing as one of the ways to minimize the spread of COVID-19.
  • Trump earlier said that they were considering amending guidelines for social distancing. 

On Monday, an expert for public health and security warned U.S. officials that lifting the restrictions versus the spread of the coronavirus could lead to death by the millions.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center, Health Security director Tom Inglesby’s comment, was following President Donald Trump’s remarks that he is to alleviate social distancing measures after March 30.

During a press conference, Trump said that he is considering such because his administration won’t allow the solution to be worse than the crisis itself.  The president also noted current restrictions have significantly affected the economy, especially businesses and its employees.

On the other hand,  Inglesby explained via Twitter that the problem could get bigger should restrictions are lifted.

The expert started by saying that ceasing social distancing now would allow coronavirus to spread quickly, extensively, and could possibly kill millions of people within a year. Such could also lead to economic and social crash across the U.S.

To date, the data gathered by the Johns Hopkins University indicates that U.S. has least 46,000 people infected by COVID-19, and no less than 590 were killed because of the virus.

Inglesby further noted that some hospitals would be unable to provide ventilators to all coronavirus patients within the week. The shortages faced by hospitals also include diagnostic facility limitations and health worker’s personal protective equipment such as a mask.

Tom said the only way to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S and ensure hospitals have enough supplies is through a nationwide social distancing.

The health and security expert also warned that social distancing procedures usually take a few weeks to happen, and the U.S is only in its first 7-10 days as of this Monday.  

Currently,  “stay at home” orders are implemented in Colorado, California, Indiana, New York, and 12 more states.

Lifting these restrictions now would also mean that the Trump administration is to accept an overwhelming number of people infected with coronavirus, way more than the capacity of U.S health care facilities, cautioned Inglesby.

According to his estimate, hospitals will have a hard time dealing with coronavirus patients, around 15% of cases will be severe, and the casualty rate will significantly increase.

Meanwhile, Italians urged Americans to consider the COVID-19 as a serious problem by staying home. Italy is now overwhelmed with more than 63,000 infected and no less than 6,000 deaths. Its government acted late on the lockdown, which was only started last March 9.

Inglesby further tweeted that the current response of the U.S is not enough, and the key is to act swiftly and address the shortage of medical supplies, and what establishments should stay open.

He also emphasized the target is to slow down and prevent further spreading of the virus.

Source: AOL

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