Tons of Ground Beef Possibly Tainted with E. Coli Recalled


  • FSIS announced that JBS USA recalled tons of ground beef products due to a possible E. coli bacterial contamination.
  • After detecting an affected beef sample at Swift Beef, about 530 pounds of products such as meatballs, patties and ground beef were recalled from restaurants in Utah.
  • In addition, recall is also done in stores and homes to guarantee consumer safety.

Last weekend, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced JBS USA’s recall of roughly 100,000 pounds of ground beef possibly contaminated by the deadly bacteria E. coli. This marks the second large meat recall in many months by the processing company which is a subsidiary of JBS S.A., the world’s largest fresh beef and pork processor.

Prior to the FSIS announcement, the agency discovered E. coli in the beef of a customer at Swift Beef Co. The discovery prompted the callback of approximately 99.260 pounds of ground beef and approximately 530 pounds of assorted ground beef, patties and meatballs that were distributed to restaurants around Utah.

“While only one sample in commerce tested positive and no consumers have reported illness, we have taken this cautious approach in the interests of consumer safety,” confirmed a spokesperson from JBS in a statement emailed to CBS MoneyWatch.

In addition, the spokesperson also reported that JBS is cooperating with the USDA to ensure that all possibly tainted products are removed from stores and homes.

According to the agency, the recalled meat was shipped by Swift Beef to retail distributors for additional processing. It was also sent to food service providers in five states namely California, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington, for institutional use.

In early October, a salmonella outbreak in 25 states led to Swift Beef recalling an estimated 6.9 million pounds of beef. Last week, the Centers for Disease Control reported that of the 246 people stricken with the outbreak, 59 people were already hospitalized.

Source: CBS News

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