After ‘Today’ firing, Matt Lauer seeks $30 million payout from NBC


  • Former ‘Today’ anchor Matt Lauer is seeking a huge payout from NBC after being fired from the morning show this week.
  • According to Page Six,  Lauer’s lawyers are working to get NBC pay their client the remainder of his $20-million-a-year contract.
  • Lauer was ousted from the Today Show after a sexual misconduct complaint against him was filed on Monday.

NBC News Chairman Andy Lack announced on Wednesday morning that Matt Lauer has been fired from “Today.” His lawyers are seeking for a massive $30 million payout.

“They are currently looking at his contract and determining whether the claims against him, which clearly would affect any moral clause in his contract and his ensuing termination, would cut off his contractual rights to be paid through the end of his contract,” a source close to Lauer said. Lauer’s $20-million-a-year contract would’ve kept him at NBC through the end of 2018.

A television insider was quoted by Page Six saying: “there is no way Matt is getting paid.”

The insider further explained: “There has been an irrevocable breach in Matt’s contract. There’s a moral clause that states if he brings the company into disrepute, NBC can terminate his employment immediately without pay and they do not have to pay out his contract.”

On Thursday, Lauer was seen meeting with real estate and criminal lawyer Eddie Burke Jr. in East Hampton. The former anchor was spotted handing Burke an envelope in a parking lot.

According to several sources,  Lauer’s firing came after a woman, who had an alleged affair with him, filed a complaint on Monday. The sexual relationship reportedly began during the 2014 Sochi Olympics and continued when the two returned to New York. The unnamed staffer received illicit text messages from Lauer and are now considered to be evidence of his inappropriate conduct.

Despite his seniority over the staffer, Lauer didn’t see the relationship to be inappropriate.

“In his mind, this has been a consensual affair,” a source revealed to People. “And a long-term one at that.”

“He was totally devastated. He never thought it would get to this level. [He] was shocked and dumbfounded and completely bewildered by what happened,” the source added. “He never expected this. He had felt like he was invulnerable, like Superman.”

Lauer was not the only one shocked by his immediate termination from the morning show. He has been with “Today” for 20 years and those closest to him were equally dumbfounded.

“People who worked with him found him to be flirtatious, but that doesn’t mean he was necessarily inappropriate,” the source continued.

Multiple women have come forward with additional sexual misconduct allegations after his firing, as reported in the New York Times and Variety.

In a statement that was read on the “Today” show on Thursday, Matt Lauer said he was “soul searching” and apologized for his actions.

Source: AOL

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20 thoughts on “After ‘Today’ firing, Matt Lauer seeks $30 million payout from NBC

  1. This guy is full of it, 30,000 for such behavior. What about jail term, it would be a good lesson for him and those who are doing what he did.

  2. if it was going on for 3 years, it was an affair, and she didnt stop it until she got mad at matt, all women should be left alone and grow old and ugly by themselves, thats like you dated a girl for 3 years and found someone else, then she called rape on you, because she is mad at you, some people are just stupid beyond all time

    1. I totally agree….. all these old a** allegations getting on my nerves. Waiting to hear something new and recent. They all sound like a bunch of old rejected hags… lol

    2. Well he could have threatened her not to tell anyone or something like that. And no one should be left alone to grow old and ugly by themselves, and if u think that women should do that then men should do that to.

  3. Tom Blake add three more zeroes to your number. he wants 30 million not 30,000; can you believe the audacity of this guy?

  4. I don’t get it. Is it that simple to ruin someone’s career? I mean she slept with him for 3 years. Doesn’t that mean she wanted it? Makes no sense to me on how simple it is to ruin someone’s life. Especially when she wanted it at the time. Give me a break. I am not saying I agree with any kind of sexual harassment but this is obsurd that anyone can make claims like this and get away with it. Yes he is a cheater and yes he slept with someone while married but she also consented. This is outright bull.

  5. How dare he to ask for his remainder of his contract.This is what happens when people as him among others think they are somehow above the regular “JO”.He should return that excessive amount of money that he received while at NBC for the people that he abused in his position as “The Newsman of the year”.Just a thought:Why are those people get paid these amounts anyway for doing nothing other than reporting the news which most of the time is flawed on top of them adding more drama to it.What about the person that goes to work and break their back trying to make ends meet?
    He should be made to return at least the past ten years of income that he received or at least donated to a worthy cause.
    Just a thought!

    1. although i am very much against any type of harassment towrd man or women, i can also see thatit would be very easy for any woman to claim the same offence, there should be some way, as iun any criminal case there is always a trial and the burden of proof usually depends on evidence of some sort,if guilty he sure does deserve what fine exists, but if not guilty then there is a misscarriage of justice. i think

  6. I m a female, but yet I feel alot of the sexual harassment that’s coming out in the open is wrong. Yes it’s one thing if something happens and y reported it immediately. But 3 years later come on.

  7. What is personal is personal, lots of people get confused in there marriage and sometimes find someone that helps with possible loneliness. Anything involving two people like that shout effect his work. He’s been on the show a very long time, anyone could make a claim so do we fire everyone that gets accused without the details. This was an affair, that is not cause to effect his job, his marriage yes. He didn’t go out and rape anyone, these women were willing, the one most prominent sounds like it was a caring relationship until she saw a way to make money. Matt shouldn’t be treated this way, he is a good man. I list my husband to another women, should I go to court and accuse him of sexual misconduct. I don’t know all the details but personal is personal. In addition he hasn’t even lost the case… so what happened to not guilty til proven guilt. I watched him for years and he has done his job well, she is a good digger or bitter woman because he chose to stay with his wife. You don’t get put in jail for having sex out of marriage.

  8. Matt, what happened to you was something that happens on RR Tracks—- you were Rail Roaded by all those who sit in big conference room and try to think of a way to save or make millions. In your case it was both save millions and make millions. Good Luck Matt I hope things work out with your wife & kids too. Hang in there you have seen people from all over the world and what they did to get thru whatever their tuff experience, I know you will make it “Hang Tuff” from Tall Tom in S W FL

  9. Lauer is an idiot to admit that most of the allegations have truthful merit. What kind of dumb lawyers does he have? Not that I like the liberal “puke” but none of these women have any concrete proof of their allegations and why in the world do they wait so long to complain if what they say has any merit? The whole thing is dumb!

  10. The person harmed here is his wife, not the woman he has been dating for three years, she is as much a violator as Matt is.

  11. It’s obvious that if they were taught correct behavior, they didn’t practice it. Pay up, keep your skirts and zippers up.

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