The Philippines Reports First Wuhan Coronavirus Death Outside of China


  • Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders a travel ban going to China after the first death incident of coronavirus in the Philippines was reported Saturday.
  • The second confirmed case, a Chinese national, is undergoing observation at the hospital as of this time.
  • On Saturday, China reported a total of 14,380 definite cases, with a confirmed death toll of 362.

The Philippines has listed the first Wuhan coronavirus victim who died outside of China.

On Saturday, the World Health Organization (WHO) made the announcement, only less than a week after the 44-year-old Chinese was confined at the San Lazaro Hospital, Manila, due to symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus.

In a press conference, WHO officials in the Philippines reported that the victim came from Wuhan, China and visited the Philippines as a tourist. Officials said that the man suffered from fever, sore throat, and cough before he was confined to the hospital.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte immediately announced a temporary travel ban from the archipelagic nation to China, where the coronavirus epidemic had originated, in the city of Wuhan.

Meanwhile, the Philippines’ health department head, Dr. Francisco Duque III, added that the deceased was diagnosed of having influenza and pneumococcus. The second person who was reported to be positive in coronavirus is still confined at the hospital for treatment.

In the United States, confirmed coronavirus cases reached eight. China, meanwhile, listed 362 fatalities out of 16,000 confirmed cases.

The White House starts implementing on Sunday a policy that bars all foreigners, with the exception of U.S. citizen’s immediate families and permanent residents, who went to China within the last 14 days from coming to the country.

In another statement, the U.S. State Department has also advised its citizens not to travel to China, starting immediately.

On Sunday, President Duterte acted accordingly by banning all incoming flights from China, and travelers who visited the country within the last 14 days. This order exempts Philippines visa holders and citizens.

The order also requires those who will arrive in the country shall strictly undergo a 14-day quarantine and admittance period.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that the symptoms of Novel Coronavirus include coughing, fever, and difficulty in breathing.  It is highly recommended to sanitize and wash the hands more often, avoid big crowds and people who seem to show the symptoms.

Source: NBC News

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