Sources say no video of Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide


  • Law enforcement officials on Sunday said there is no surveillance video recorded of Jeffrey Epstein’s reported hanging on Saturday.
  • Although sources familiar with the layout of the Metropolitan Correctional Center said there are cameras in the 9 South Wing was Epstein’s cell was, these are directed to the outer areas.
  • However, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is skeptical over the reports and pushed for a thorough investigation, which are currently ongoing, to ensure that no foul play is involved.

Authorities told The Post on Sunday that there is no surveillance video of multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged hanging in a federal lockup in Lower Manhattan.

According to sources familiar with the setup at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, the cameras in the 9 South Wing where Epstein was being held were aimed at the areas outside the cells and not on the inside.

“Something doesn’t smell right – and it’s not his dead body,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams.

As questions surrounding Epstein’s death on Saturday have arisen, the FBI and the Justice Department have also launched their investigations.

Noting the July 23 incident where the 66-year-old convicted sex offender was found in his cell nearly unconscious with marks on his neck together with the court papers released on Friday that said former Maine Sen. George Mitchell and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson allegedly slept with Epstein’s teenage “sex slave”, Adams said the case needs to be thoroughly investigated to make sure there wasn’t any foul play.

New York Attorney General Letitia James who toured the MCC said she found it hard to understand how such an incident could have happened.

She said, “My understanding is that he should have been on suicide watch and the people on suicide watch are placed in a type of jumpsuit that wouldn’t allow them to hurt themselves or others.”

A New York Times report on Sunday said normal procedures were violated by federal prison officials by leaving Epstein without a cellmate and not checking on him every 30 minutes on the night before he was found hanging in his cell. The news outlet also reported that both of the guards assigned were working overtime and forced to remain on duty.

“A man is dead. The Bureau of Prisons dropped the ball. Period,” former chief of internal affairs for the Bureau of Prisons, Bob Hood, told the Times.

He also added that he was incredulous as to why Epstein was taken off the24-hour suicide watch despite the July 23 incident along with the series of humiliating news about him.


Source: New York Post

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