Sen Ted Cruz and Others to Self-Quarantine Following Interactions With Coronavirus Patient at CPAC [Video]


  • Senator Ted Cruz and Rep. Paul Gosar voluntarily quarantine themselves by avoiding contact and staying home for the next few weeks.
  • Both representatives have interacted with a CPAC conference attendee who was later tested positive for COVID-19.
  • The patient has been hospitalized since and is currently getting better with treatment.

On Sunday, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas said in a statement that he got in contact with a participant of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) late last month who was confirmed later to have a Coronavirus.

Consequently, the legislator decided to spend the next two weeks staying at home from the time of the interaction.

Moments after, R-Ariz. 4th district Rep. Paul Gosar also said that he, along with three of his staff members, will also voluntarily undergo self-confinement following exposure with a COVID-19 patient.

Representatives from American Conservative Union (ACU) said on Saturday that the guest was previously exposed to the virus prior to the conference. ACU hosted the CPAC, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) later confirmed the case.

Sen. Cruz said that his meeting with the person was just a brief chat that includes a handshake.

The 49-year-old legislator also added that he feels fine, and he noticed no symptoms ten days after the brief interaction. Medical professionals also advised him that the virus’s incubation period is 5-6, and considering that he has shown no signs so far, the chance of him being infected is relatively low.

He further noted that although the CDC’s criteria for self-quarantine clearly does not apply in his case, he still decided to stay home for the next 14 days to avoid frequent interaction and keep his constituents calm amidst the situation.

Cruz also advised everyone not to take the outbreak lightly and be aware of the medical facts surrounding the pandemic. Likewise, he encouraged everyone to heed the recommendations of the CDC and health authorities in fighting the Coronavirus.

It was only last week that an $8.3 billion emergency fund was released for the outbreak prevention and treatment.

Rep. Paul Gosar later confirmed via Twitter that he and his three senior staff have officially agreed to undergo self-quarantine following their interaction with the attendee. He also said that while they all remain symptomless, he decided to close his office this week as an added precautionary measure.

The individual who attended the CPAC  tested positive for Coronavirus has been since hospitalized.  

Meanwhile, ACU officials said on Sunday that they are closely coordinating with the Maryland Department of Health since the state hosted the CPAC conference.

The Department of Health has tested thousands of hotel and resort workers where the CPAC was held, said the ACU.

ACU further noted that they are to continue monitoring the Coronavirus infected person as he continues to recover.

Source: Fox News

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