Secret Service spends a quarter million dollars on Trump hotels


  • Documents released this week showed how much money the Secret Service had spent at Trump’s properties within 5 months since he took office.
  • An outline of expenditures obtained by a nonprofit group via the Freedom of Information Act indicates that most of the expenses took place at the president’s golf clubs.
  • As for expenses amounting to less than $10,000, these probably occurred at Trump’s Mar-a- Lago resort in Florida, according to the records.

Newly released records revealed that over a period of five months in 2017, the Secret Service had already spent over $250,000 at President Donald Trump’s properties.

Following a request to a Freedom of Information Act, nonprofit watchdog group Property of the People obtained documents that listed Secret Service credit card expenditures for Trump’s properties and businesses between Jan. 27, 2017, and June 29, 2017.

In the list, majority of the Secret Service expenditures within the said time period occurred at Trump’s golf clubs which the president had reportedly visited more than 100 times since taking office. Records also show that over $45,000 was again spent in March 2017 at the Trump Hotel Las Vegas.

According to Politico, multiple charges of $10,000 or less spent on the same day suggested that the expenditures must have likely taken place at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida due to it being unable to process individual charges of more than $10,000.

The expenditures report comes as Trump faces scrutiny about concerns over how much he is personally profiting from the federal government, which ethics advocates deem a violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.

While the president has dismissed the provision as “phony” he also received criticisms for his reversed plans to host the G7 summit at his Doral property.

Earlier this year, POLITICO reported that taxpayer money was being spent by the U.S. Air Force at Trump’s Turnberry resort in Scotland, which the Pentagon later revealed that almost $200,000 was spent by the U.S. military at the Scotland resort since Trump became president.

The Secret Service did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Source: The HILL

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