Russia brags new nuke missile that can ‘wipe out Texas’ [Video]


  • Russia is set to test a new nuclear warhead which they called unstoppable due to its speed of 15,000mph.
  • Called the RS-28 Sarmat Armageddon missile, it reportedly can break any defense system and destroy Texas.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin said the arms race started as soon as the U.S pulled out of the New Start treaty in 2002.

The Kremlin boasts it has a weapon that can cover around 6,200 miles, can transport 16 missiles, and is capable of maneuvering against any anti-rocket system.

The missile, called RS-28 Sarmat, has an enormous load that can wipe out an area almost the size of Texas as described by Zvezda, the T.V station of Russia’s defense ministry.

The Times also reported that the primer of the long-foreshowed warhead has been delayed several times due to testing interruptions.

Russia deputy defense minister, Alexei Krivoruchko, said, however, that long-distance missile-firing are now forthcoming, adding that its test launch has been proven successful.

Krivoruchko further bragged: “By virtue of its capabilities, no missile defense weapon, even the most advanced, can hinder it.”

In 2018, Russian president, Vladimir Putin, disclosed several new weapons line including the RS-28, which will ultimately be posted in Siberia.

Other selections include what they named the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle, which the president claimed has soaring capabilities similar to that of a meteorite or a fireball.

The latest Sarmat bomb – also dubbed in the West as Satan-2 – is considered Russia’s most dominant nuclear global airborne missile, with only one containing eight megatons of TNT power. This capacity has the capacity of over 400 times than either one of the two U.S bombs plunged on Japan during the last leg of World War Two.

This could also mean that the missile has the power to crush an area size equivalent also of England, and the result will be nuclear fallout spreading across from the landing area,  depending on the direction and speed of the wind.

It was only the previous month when Putin announced that a new race for arms has already started between Russia and the U.S, adding that his nation’s new hypersonic warheads are prepared for any combat. The statement by the Russian president was following the anticipated expiration in a few months of the New Start treaty, the last key nuclear arms control deal between the two superpowers.   

Putin unveiled the update on Russia’s armed capability during his annual press conference.

“The arms race has already begun,” he said.  “After the US withdrew from the nuclear defense treaty, that’s exactly what happened. Their country is now building an umbrella to protect itself.” 

The 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty was an accord between the U.S and the Soviet Union that restricted the advancement of systems utilized to protect against nuclear missiles.

The U.S withdrew from the deal in 2002,  saying the country needs to defend itself against nuclear threats from rogue states, and consequently starting the Missile Defense Agency.

Source: The Sun UK

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