Rioter throws fire extinguisher on Capitol Police who later died [Video]


  • In a footage got by Storyful, a rioter throws a fire extinguisher at the Capitol police as it plunked in an officer’s head.
  • It was not clear whether the officer who got hit was Brian Sicknick, the police who died due to the violence.
  • Around 90 people were arrested on Monday morning in connection with Wednesday’s siege.

A man throwing a fire extinguisher into the Capitol police, hitting the head of one officer, was caught by a video obtained by Storyful during Wednesday’s Capitol riot.

The clip showed hundreds of pro-Trump protesters were squabbling with Capitol police as they force their way past a barricade located at the west side of the legislative house around 2:30 in the afternoon.

At the beginning of the footage, one man is heard shouting, “They broke through, it’s on!”

In a matter of seconds, one rioter carrying the fire extinguisher threw it at the group of officers, striking the helmet of one officer.

In the video, the assaulter appeared to just walk away after tossing the heavy metal object. At least one cop looked back from the direction where the extinguisher was thrown.

It was unclear whether the cop who got hit was officer Brian Sicknick, the Capitol police who passed away as a result of the siege.

According to two law enforcement who spoke with the Associated Press, Sicknick, 42, died at a hospital after suffering a head injury from getting hit by a fire extinguisher by a rioter.

The clip also showed rioters, with some carrying confederate and ‘Trump’ flags, marching towards the building as they dominated the Capitol police.

Aside from Sicknick, four people also died in the Capitol chaos on Wednesday, which includes a woman who got shot by Capitol police.

As of early Monday, at least 90 arrests were made against violators in the aftermath of the Capitol riot. Cases filed range from curfew violations to felony assaults on law enforcement officers and death threats made against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Sicknick’s case is currently being investigated.

Source: New York Post

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