Republicans against Trump initiate ‘count every vote’ campaign


  • Anti-Trump GOP group ‘Republicans for the Rule of Law’ held over 100 billboard ads, encouraging Pennsylvania officials to “count every vote.”
  • The billboards would be shown across the cities statewide.
  • The group will also launch a video that would champion the significance of making every vote count.

Over 100 billboards in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania were launched by the GOP anti-Trump group ‘Republicans for the Rule of Law’, urging state authorities to “count every vote” as results come in.

Featuring the American flag, the digital billboards posted a caption “count every vote.”

In their statement on Wednesday, the group said: “This stands to serve as an important reminder at a time when Pennsylvania’s vote may be the key to deciding the presidential race, and the count has been slowed by an unprecedented amount of mail-in ballots and the president’s calling for a stop to the count.”

The Associated Press reported that President Donald Trump’s campaign early Wednesday pleaded to halt the current ballot counting in Pennsylvania. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden trails behind Trump by almost 300,000 as of Wednesday evening.

Trump’s campaign had sought to bring a case to the Supreme court on a lower court’s recent ruling to count mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania that would be arriving until Friday, provided they would be postmarked on Election Day.

The group said on Wednesday that the billboards would also run in cities statewide including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and Harrisburg, among many others.

The Anti-Trump group also said on Wednesday that they would release a video ad that would be played across the state. Posted on Twitter, the video states that “America is founded on the idea that each and every citizen gets a say in their government. Generations of Americans have fought and died for this right. That’s why we count every vote.”

“Even if it takes time, we make sure that the voters are heard. This is the idea that makes America America. Count every vote,” the video says.

Weeks prior to November 3, Trump has warned of seeking legal measures to contest the presidential election.

As of Wednesday evening, the AP reported that both swing states of Michigan and Wisconsin were won by Biden, as he currently leads vs Trump with 264 to 214 electoral votes.

Source: The Hill

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