Pharmacist who ruined hundreds of Covid vaccine thought it would cause DNA mutation


  • A pharmacist who believed that COVID-19 vaccines could harm humans has destroyed several vials stored at the facility where he works.
  • The suspect, who admitted that he was a conspiracy theorist, has exploited 57 containers, which could have been administered to at least 500 individuals.
  • Moderna vaccines are still viable once out of refrigeration for up to 12 hours, and the pharmacist was able to bring out the said vials in two days.   

A pharmacist from Wisconsin who was detained for crashing over 500 coronavirus vaccine doses said he is a conspiracy theorist who believed the injections would cause mutation on the human DNA, as alleged by both the police and prosecutors.

The 46-year-old pharmacist, Steven Brandenburg, who works at the Advocate Aurora Health, also thinks the world was hurtling down and he was also stockpiling food, according to court documents released by authorities on Monday.

Prosecutors said Brandenburg had intentionally wasted 57 containers of the Moderna vaccine during Christmas, which was sufficient to vaccinate no less than  500 people.

Adam Gerol, Ozaukee County District Attorney, said in an online court hearing that the suspect’s beliefs were unsafe.

An investigator on the case called Brandenburg as a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist who thought the vaccine could injure people, as written on the court records.

Brandenburg, who has two children, was in undergoing a divorce procedure and went to the house of his estranged wife on Dec. 30 with a stash of 30-days worth of food. A sworn statement also wrote that the suspect told his wife that she was refuting the reality that the world’s about to crash.

The wife also wrote in the affidavit that Brandenburg was keeping food supplies and weapons in rental storage units. Gerol added that her husband also brought a handgun to work in at least two instances.

According to reports, Brandenburg grabbed the bottles of vaccine out of storage during  Christmas Eve, then went on again the following night.

A pharmacy staff saw the unrefrigerated vessels on Dec. 26 and Brandenburg said he was moving the items and forgot to bring them back to the fridge.

The vaccine from Moderna is viable for 12 hours outside of refrigeration.

The clinic estimates the wasted doses are worth around $11,000.

Brandenburg got arrested the previous week and was released with a $10,000 bond.

Prosecutors explained they need to define the scope of the damage to the exposed vaccines before charging Brandenburg.

Baseless claims about the shots for the worldwide pandemic have spread for months online, saying that it can modify DNA and the side effects will be severe. 

Experts, however, maintain that those rumors are false.

Source: New York Post

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