Pediatricians call for in-person back to school for kids this fall


  • The American Academy of Pediatrics’ is urging a physical appearance of children to schools on the reopening of classes.
  • The group argues that in-person learning is fundamental in the development and growth process of young kids.
  • However, a union of teachers said that online learning should be the method as many educators are still anxious about going back to school.

U.S pediatricians called for an in-person session at classrooms for children returning to school this fall as long as safety will not be compromised. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ (AAP) leadership is pushing the initiative that students, at least on some days, will be physically present at school by the opening of classes.

According to the group’s guidelines, the school is fundamental to every kid’s and teener’s growth and welfare.

The AAP also noted that there are growing details that indicate the transmission of COVID-19 by youngsters is infrequent; adding the reason for such is kids are less susceptible to the virus.

The society also argues that the lockdown during spring showed that remote learning could lead to severe education deficiency and heightened social isolation.  The latter can develop other pressing emotional and health issues, and in some cases, physical, sexual abuse, and depressions.

AAP added that brown, Black, disabled, and low-income children are more at risk by online school methods.

To minimize the risk, the AAP said it would follow the recommendations for going back to in-person schoolings such as physical distancing, disinfection and cleaning, frequent hand-washing, and more open spaces whenever possible.

The AAP also endorses the 6-feet-spacing measure for children in elementary schools, saying that it should be the first consideration before choosing remote learning as an alternative.

The guideline also claims that face protection is possibly not practical for younger middle school children except if they can use a mask with less face contact.

Furthermore, AAP warns that adult school staffers are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than kids. Thus they need to practice social distancing even more. The guideline also specified students with special needs disabilities should also be accommodated.

These recommendations, though, do not wholly deal with the health worries by the teachers. Federal health data indicates that almost a third of instructors are over 50 years of age and are more at risk of contract coronavirus.

In Virginia, Fairfax County Public Schools, as an example, has announced its reopening measures. The school offered students a choice between twice a week of physical classes or a 100%

remote schooling plus an optional intervention every three days for kids who might need one.

The three educator unions of the county objected to the move, saying in a statement that remote learning must be the only method. Tina Williams, Fairfax County Federation of Teachers president, noted that most teachers are uncomfortable returning to schools because of health risks.

Source: NPR

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