Obama delivers fierce address against Trump [Video]


  • On Saturday, former President Barack Obama trolled President Donald Trump, saying that “his TV ratings are down” during an address at Florida International University.
  • Obama also slammed Trump for his COVID-19 mishandling, saying that the president cannot even “take the basic steps to protect himself.”
  • Obama’s criticisms came after Trump’s recent tirades against him and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

In his intense speech at Florida International University on Saturday, former President Barack Obama slammed President Donald Trump over his “low ratings” as he hit the campaign trail to support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“His TV ratings are down,” the former president said. He also lambasted Trump for his COVID-19 crisis mismanagement, arguing that Trump “does not have a plan.”

“You think he’s hard at work coming up with a plan to get us out of this mess? Well, I don’t know, because I know he’s had a tough week. Everybody’s been very unfair to Donald Trump this week,” Obama said.

He continued by discussing how the incumbent president could manage the pandemic, more so that “new cases are breaking records” over time since the start of the virus outbreak.

“Donald Trump isn’t going to suddenly protect all of us. He can’t even take the basic steps to protect himself,” the former POTUS said.

Obama also denounced Trump’s walkout from Lesley Stahl’s 60-minute interview.

“He thought the questions were too tough. Too tough? Miami, listen, if he can’t answer a tough question like ‘what would you like to do in a second term,’ then it’s our job to make sure he doesn’t get a second term,” Obama argued.

During his drive-in event in Philadelphia earlier this week, Obama criticized Trump by saying that he already left a “pandemic playbook” in the White House and claimed that Trump had likely just used it as props on his office table.

He then continued his tirades on Trump, citing The New York Times article that said the president has a Chinese bank account.

“Listen, can you imagine, if I had had a secret Chinese bank account when I was running for reelection?” Obama said. 

“You think Fox News might have been a little concerned about that? They would have called me Beijing Barry,” he added.

Obama’s criticism follows after Trump slammed the former president during his North Carolina rally and his non-stop jabs against Biden in recent months.

“Nobody is showing up for Obama’s hate laced speeches. 47 people! No energy, but still better than Joe!” Trump tweeted in response to Obama’s berating speech on Saturday.

Trump also poked fun at Obama, saying that he is campaigning for him and not for his former vice president.

“Obama is campaigning for us. Every time he speaks, people come over to our side. He didn’t even want to endorse Sleepy Joe. Did so long after primaries were over!” Trump said.

Source: TheSun.com

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