North Korea suddenly puts a central border city under lockdown


  • The mysterious nation of North Korea has reportedly quarantined its major border city of Rason.
  • The reason for the lockdown measure was still unclear, and some speculate that either it’s a COVID-19 response or a planned event for Kim Jong Un.
  • North Korea said it has no recorded case of coronavirus in its territory, but the U.S military suspects that there is.

For yet another move tied up with either a significant event for apparently missing-again dictator Kim Jong Un or the coronavirus pandemic, North Korea has reportedly set the main border city in lockdown.

The Hermit Kingdom, which until today claims that it was never plagued by a coronavirus, has closed Rason early this month.

According to sources by Radio Free Asia (RFA) on Tuesday, the city has around 20, 000 residents and is a center for trade with China and Russia.

RFA also reported that the infamously mysterious country never told the residents the reason for closing down the city.

Several people are frightened of the move, thinking that it could be an indication that coronavirus outbreak has reached the country, especially following China’s closing of  Jilin and Shulan city, the two nation’s shared border, after COVID-19 cases have suddenly reoccurred.

An anonymous source, however, told the RFA that regardless of the coronavirus crisis in China, Rason was not entirely accessible.

Others, meanwhile think it might be just another security restriction for top arriving officials, and some say it’s possibly about the public reappearance of supreme leader Kim Jong to end persistent gossips over his health status.

The source said several residents believed that North Korea could be setting up an event they call Number One, which its dictator typically attends.

RFA  also reported that the cause remains unclear as officials cordoned entry to the area without further details, and its already prolonging the inconvenience to the residents.  

While some traders are reportedly trying to access the city through back door means, it will be risky as those who will be caught are shall undergo brutal punishment. The source further commented they are now waiting for the immediate lifting of the lockdown.

Meanwhile, the U.S military has earlier said that there there are coronavirus cases in North Korea as Kim’s administration has reportedly received help from other countries in battling the infection.

All other neighboring countries of North Korea, such as  China, South Korea, and Russia, were severely plagued by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Source: New York Post

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