North Korea accuses the U.S. of ‘misleading’ the public after nuclear talks in Sweden break down


  • North Korea on Sunday accused the Trump administration of “misleading” the public on the status of the discussions after nuclear talks between the two countries broke down Saturday in Stockholm.
  • The North Korean Foreign Ministry warned that if the US did not change its approach by the end of the year, then relations between the two nations “may immediately come to an end.”
  • Last week, North Korea tested a new submarine-launched ballistic missile in one of its most daring moves since denuclearization talks started.

On Sunday, North Korea accused the Trump administration of “misleading” the public on the status of nuclear talks after discussions between the two countries fell apart on Saturday.

According to the North Korean Foreign Ministry, the US was “misleading the public opinion by touting ‘good discussions,'” The Washington Post reported. North Korea also warned that relations between the two sides “may immediately come to an end” if the US did not change its approach before the year ends.

“We have no intention to hold such sickening negotiations as what happened this time before the US takes a substantial step,” a representative of the North Korean Foreign Ministry told a state news agency, cited by The Wall Street Journal.

After just about 8 1/2 hours, the discussions in Stockholm broke down. The two parties had conflicting reports on the nature of the summit.

On Saturday, North Korea’s top nuclear envoy Kim Myong Gil said the dialogue “failed to live up to our expectations and broke down.”

The State Department, on the other hand, said in a statement that comments from the North Korean delegation “do not reflect the content or the spirit of today’s 8 1/2 hour discussion.” The statement read that the US “brought creative ideas and had good discussions” with the North Korean delegation.

On Wednesday, North Korea tested a new submarine-launched ballistic missile, in one of its most provocative move since the denuclearization talks with the US started.

Washington has said it’s willing to resume talks in two weeks, but Pyongyang is looking not interested in resuming discussions as its state news alleges the US is “spreading a completely ungrounded story.”

This is not the first time North Korea has pushed against the Trump administration’s summary of talks between the two countries, the Insider reported. It did so following the collapse of the Trump-Kim second summit in Vietnam earlier this year.


Source: Business Insider

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