Newly-developed ‘gene and cell therapy’ cancer vaccine can now be tested on humans


  • Michael and Patricia Lawman’s successfully designed ‘therapeutic’ vaccine that is a result of a blend of gene and cell therapy, is now reportedly being tested on human patients.
  • Named as ImmuneFx vaccine, the Lawman’s therapeutic vaccine will be injected into the tumor cell causing cancer cells to become visible on the surface helping the immune system to catch them.
  • The couple who have now founded their own company, Morphogenesis, in Florida are now working with another agency to test the vaccine on human patients with melanoma.

Following years of attempting to develop a vaccine that can treat various kinds of cancer with no side effects, a husband and wife duo has finally tested the vaccine on humans.

Instead of creating a preventive vaccine that will provide protection against quickly mutating cancer cells, Michael and Patricia Lawman developed a ‘therapeutic’ vaccine through the combination of gene and cell therapy.

Generally, in modern immunotherapy treatments like CAR-T cell therapy, a person’s own cells are remodeled to accept and attack a particular type of cancer cell. But not every cancer cell is captured by the immune system.

On one hand, the “ImmuneFx” therapeutic vaccine created by the Lawmans, functions by injecting the gene directly into a patient’s tumor to force cancer cells to display on their surface a specific bacterial antigen that makes them identifiable to the immune system.

The couple reportedly started their research in 1995 shortly after leaving the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Institute to introduce their company Morphogenesis, based in Tampa.

They have worked with veterinarians for several years to test the vaccine on cancers in 430 cats, dogs and horses. Besides proving that the treatment was safe, one of their studies also revealed that the number of tumors in 77% of the horses they tested was substantially decreased by the vaccine.

Expressing confidence that the vaccine could be effective in any form of cancerous tumor, Morphogenesis also collaborated with the Moffitt Cancer Center in November 2018 to perform trials on six human patients suffering stages three and four melanoma.

Then when all phase one trials have all had ended by next year, the ImmuneFx vaccine will next be conducted on 160 more patients, together with additional cancer therapies, in various clinics all over the country.


Source: Good News Network

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