New Yorkers group together to watch USNS Comfort arrival, neglect social distancing [Video]


  • New Yorkers neglected the ‘social distancing’ regulations enforced by the city officials as they flock around the area near Pier 90 to watch the arrival of the US Navy Ship Comfort.
  • As the city hall press corps learned about the situation, NYPD cops were asked to disperse the crowd; they warned the people but did not issue any ticket for violation.
  • The arrival of the USNS Comfort will aid the city’s struggling hospital system and will save more lives, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York residents neglect the city’s regulations on social distancing as they gathered together to watch the arrival of a US Navy hospital ship (USNS) to give aid for the virus at the west side of Manhattan on Monday.

Some people waved US flags, while others gathered around at the pier’s fence — standing shoulder to shoulder while capturing photos of the navy ship being pulled into Pier 90 near West 50th Street at around 10:40 in the morning.

Initially, a dozen of NYPD cops were watching and did not mind the crowd as they flocked around to see the USNS being pulled into the pier. But when members of the City Hall press corps mentioned the gathering via tweet, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s communication team asked the police to disperse the crowd.

Freddi Goldstein, City Hall spokesperson, reported the details after she realized from the posted photos what was happening.

“This is a new reality for all of us and we’re all adjusting. The mayor and the police commissioner are in regular contact to make sure our officers understand this new ask of them, as well,” Goldstein said.

A high-ranking police source said that police authorities did not issue any ticket, but they have warned the people who gathered and violated the social distancing rule.

According to Mayor De Blasio, New Yorkers who disregard dispersal orders from city authorities could be issued with a fine amounting to $500 “to get people to comply for their safety and everyone’s safety.”

The USNS Comfort aims to provide relief as hospitals in the city were already overwhelmed with the influx of coronavirus cases spreading across the state. Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday that more than 1,000 have died from the disease. He also tweeted on Monday morning that the arrival of USNS Comfort “will be remembered” as it will save more lives.

Source: New York Post

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