Nancy Pelosi: Next president could declare national emergency on guns


  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warns GOP on Thursday that the next Democratic president could declare a national emergency on gun violence.
  • This is Pelosi’s response after the White House says Trump would declare a national emergency in order to build his border wall.
  • Pelosi noted that Feb. 14 marked the one-year anniversary of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Thursday warned Republicans who will support President Donald Trump’s plan to declare a national emergency at the southern border. She said that the future Democratic president could use that precedent to declare a national emergency on guns.

“Want to talk about a national emergency? Let’s talk about today: The one-year anniversary of another manifestation of the epidemic of gun violence in America,” the speaker told reporters. “That’s a national emergency. Why don’t you declare that emergency, Mr. President? I wish you would.”

“But a Democratic president can do that.”

This is Pelosi’s comments after the White House announced that the president will declare “a national emergency at the border in order to liberate additional funds from other programs to build his promised wall.”

During the previous 35-day shutdown — the longest shutdown in U.S. history — Trump had demanded a budget of $5.7 billion to fund a wall along the border.

Pelosi refused to give details whether Democrats would legally challenge the coming national emergency, though it’s expected after the president spent weeks implying such a declaration.

Pelosi highlighted that she’s not promoting the notion that a president from any party should use emergency declarations to “advance pet projects without Congress’s consent, even if it was a Democratic president pursuing tougher gun laws” the HILL reports.

“I’m not advocating for any president doing an end-run around Congress,” Pelosi said. “I’m just saying that the Republicans should have some dismay about the door that they are opening, the threshold they are crossing.”

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) tweeted several issues that should be called a “national emergency” such as climate change, income inequality and access to healthcare. He stressed that “Building a wall on the southern border is not.”


Source: The HILL

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