Mother of Atatiana Jefferson, who was killed by cop last year, found dead


  • On Thursday morning, Yolanda Carr, the mother of Atatiana Jefferson who was killed by a cop last year, died in her Fort Worth home; investigations have already been launched.
  • According to the family’s representative, Carr became ill prior to her daughter’s death.
  • Jefferson was shot dead at her home last year by a Fort Worth policeman who went to their house after a neighbor asked for a wellness check.

Yolanda Carr, the 55-year-old mother of slain Atatiana Jefferson, was found dead early Thursday in their home at Fort Worth, Texas.

Lee Merritt, a lawyer representing the family, said that Carr died in the same home where she had been taken care of by her 28-year-old daughter. Although the cause of death was not revealed, Merritt said Carr had “taken ill” shortly before her daughter’s death. KTVT-TV reported that police are now investigating Carr’s death.

On October 13, 2019, Aaron Dean, a Fort Worth white male police officer killed Jefferson at her home at around 2:30 a.m. after responding to a neighbor’s request for a wellness check at Jefferson’s house.

Jefferson, who worked in medical equipment sales, had been staying with Carr to take care of her and the house. At the time of the shooting, she was playing video games with her 8-year-old nephew, who witnessed her die.

No evidence indicated that Dean or any of the other officers with him had identified themselves to Jefferson before shooting. Shortly after the incident, Dean resigned from the police department and was charged with murder. He was indicted by a Tarrant County grand jury in December. On Thursday, Merritt posted Carr’s recorded statement upon hearing about Dean’s indictment last year.

“We are gonna miss her this Christmas, but I’m so glad that they finally indicted that man on murder because he murdered my baby. She wasn’t doing anything. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

With a smile she continued saying, “One step at a time, I guess, but at least we know that justice was served and he will be accountable for murder.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, Merritt declined to surmise what caused Carr’s death. However, the attorney said oftentimes police killings take a medical toll on the victims’ families and loved ones.

“Unfortunately, as a civil rights attorney dealing with wrongful death, I see this often where families have medical issues usually related to the trauma experienced due to police brutality,” Merritt told the news outlet.


Source: AOL.Com

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