Michigan satellite photos show water-sunken houses and a stream overtaking a lake after dam failures [Video]


  • Following two dam failures in Edenville Michigan, a rush of water immersed several properties such as homes, arenas, and schools.
  • Photos taken by satellite facilities have shown the impact of the flooding on the area,  and the incident rendered it without a lake.
  • While the flood has already receded, Midland city management says residents who evacuated are not yet advisable to go back to their home.

In Michigan, two dam disasters near Edenville have caused a surge of water rushing toward the Tittabawassee River, engulfing establishments, schools,  a university arena, and homes.

Photos taken by satellite pathways of Midland County are now submerged.

In another image taken by Maxar Technologies, chocolate-colored waters from the swarming Chippewa River have filled homes in the area. The adjacent Currie Golf Course is also flooded as seen on the images.

The photos also show that at the northwestern side of the golf course, Windover High School, the neighboring community playground and houses are underwater.

Further down the stream, just beneath where the Chippewa River come together with the Tittabawassee River, is where the town of Midland is located. Some facilities of the Dow Chemical Co. facilities, as captured by the satellite camera from Planet Labs, Inc., are now sunken as well.

Other than some trailers, almost every road on the western perimeter of the river is flooded.

Dow said in a statement that the company had closed down its facilities. Floodwater mixed with a chemical pond is potentially hazardous to the environment which led the US Coast Guard to initiate emergency measures.

Dow explained though that the facilities are contained, so there is no danger to people to the area.

Aside from Dow Chemical, there are other major establishments affected by the flooding in Midland, including Northwood University, and MidMichigan Medical Center had portions of their properties immersed, as seen in a satellite image captured by the Planet Labs, Inc.

On the other side of Sturgeon Creek, the Village West Apartments and Valley Park subdivision also flooded based on the photos.

A zoomed satellite image from Maxar Technologies shows that in Northwood University, several structures and facilities on campus are walled by floodwater, including the area, gyms, track field, and admissions office.

The flooding incident was following the failure of two dams on Tuesday evening.

From what was known as the Wixsom Lake, Tittabawassee River now flows into it. But a bordering mud along the Edenville hydroelectric dam failed, sending a rush of water to the community.

After the dam broke, the county will be left without a lake. A Planet Labs, Inc. satellite image shows the river was the only body of water that’s left.  Further down the stream, the impact of the first barrier failing is pretty much clear.

The mud strip next to the dam has been eroded away.

According to reports, no less than 10,000 people have evacuated from their houses in Midland.

Midland city manager, Brad Kaye, told reporters on Wednesday that some residents who fled from their property are not yet able to return for at least few more days, despite the flood now seemed to be receding.

Source: CNN

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