Michigan man pleads guilty to throwing water balloons at Trump supporters at a rally


  • A man from Grand Rapids, Michigan pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge on Thursday after admitting to throwing water balloons at a pro-Trump crowd.
  • Robert Dale Truax Jr., 20, tossed the water balloons at Trump’s supporters on March 28 during the president’s rally in Grand Rapids.
  • Truax, who went to the rally intending to get arrested, feels no remorse and says he might do it again.

A 20-year-old man from Michigan admitted to throwing water balloons at Trump supporters during the president’s rally in Grand Rapids on March 28.

Robert Dale Truax Jr. who has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge on Thursday said he does not regret his actions and may do it again.

“Actions are going to be louder than words these days,″ Truax Jr. said with a wide grin, after his appearance in Grand Rapids District Court. “Try to get three water balloons out this time. I only got out two.″

Truax tossed the water balloons into a pro-Trump crowd gathered outside the Van Andel Arena where the president addressed supporters inside. No one was reported hurt during the incident.

“Even though in this gentleman’s mind it might seem as if it was harmless, it certainly can get someone injured. And we’re not going to allow that to happen,’’ Sgt. Cathy Williams of Grand Rapids Police told WZZM-TV.

Truax posted a video of Williams’ TV interview on Twitter with a caption:


According to Truax, it was his intention to get arrested when he attended the rally. He even taped the incident and posted the video online.

“Just got done buying some balloons at Dollar Tree because we’re gonna throw some water balloons at some Donald Trump supporters. Like you can’t be coming to my block supporting some Donald Trump s—. So you about to get hit,’’ he said on the video.

Charged with disturbance, Truax faces 90-day jail time and a $500 fine.

“I  was trying to stand up for the people who are just against the president,’’ Truax told the police. “In a way, his supporters are just like him. I did what I had to do.”


Source: Fox News

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