Massacre in Mexico forced American Mormon community to flee to the US


  • The massacre last week that killed nine people forced Mormons in Mexico to leave their homes and head back to the United States, says new reports by the Associated Press.
  • According to the news outlet, over a hundred residents from either La Mora or Colonia LeBaron in the northern state of Sonora have escaped and sought refuge in the homes of their relatives in the US.
  • Due to the ongoing bloody drug wars, many of them are already thinking of making a home in Arizona and other states for good.

Following the attack on November 4 where nine people were killed by what authorities said were brutal drug cartels, a new report says that more than 100 Mormons have escaped from their northern Mexico homes and returned to the United States.

The Associated Press reported that the mass departure of residents from the Northern state of Sonora happened on the same day the victims were buried. Most people loaded their vehicles with boxes of their belongings as they left the communities in Mexico that they have called home since the 1950s.

Speaking from his sister’s home in Phoenix, Mike Hafen said on Sunday that he went to Mexico to get his mother, brothers and sisters and lots of kids out.

His family and other Mormons had lived in either of the two settlements in Mexico’s Sonora state-La Mora or Colonia LeBaron. These were founded decades ago as part of a Mormon offshoot community after the church outlawed polygamy in the 19th century.

“They’ve been down there for 47 years. They left with the bare minimum, whatever they could fit in the back of my pickup,” Hafen said adding that due to the cartels getting worse, he doesn’t think families will ever think of going back.

The brutal massacre of three mothers and six children including 8-month-old twins on Monday was carried out in broad daylight while they were travelling in three SUVs.

While authorities are still deciding whether the families were mistaken by drug lords for their enemies or whether the killings were intentional, family members of the victims have since disputed those claims.

CBS News reported last week that one relative thought that it was a direct attack because the gunmen continued shooting even though one of the mothers came out of the vehicle to show she wasn’t a threat.

Meanwhile, Hafen’s family is still trying to figure out if Arizona will be their home for good as more and more residents leave and seek refuge in the US.


Source: New York Post

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