Mary Trump’s tell-all book raises five surprising details about President Trump


  • Donald Trump’s niece has published a book where she revealed shocking details about the president.
  • Trump’s older brother attempted to block the book’s release on Tuesday, but several media outlets had already got an advanced copy.
  • The White House denied claims written on the book, says it will be filled will false testimonies.

More unfavorable information was disclosed from the forthcoming book made by Mary Trump about her uncle, the head of state Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, advanced copies of the material, picked up several media outlets, said Trump went to college by cheating, remarked about the breast of a niece with his wife hearing, and warned Donald Trump Jr. would be disowned if he goes to the military.

The Trump administration has denied most of the revelations made by the niece of the president in the book with the title “Too Much and Never Enough, How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

Mary Trump is a clinical psychologist by profession.

On Tuesday, Trump Press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said she hadn’t seen the book yet, but she believes the work will be full of inaccuracies.

Robert Trump, the president’s brother, tried to block publishing the book since it was set to release on Tuesday.

Mary Trump said that her uncle is has a unique fondness for division, and the vagueness of the nation’s future has developed into a series of disasters that her uncle cannot handle.

Mary claimed that her uncle hired someone to take the SAT in his absence, as reported by The New York Times of the book.

Trump was reportedly afraid that his average grade would make it difficult for him to be admitted, so he allegedly got the services of a smart student.

On the other hand, the Guardian reported that Trump complimented his nieces’ breast in front of now ex-wife Marla Maples. Mary said the incident happened in the 1990s after Trump saw her in a swimsuit at Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, owned by the president.

Mary added she felt uncomfortable and wrapped herself with a towel.

Retired judge Maryanne Trump Barry, eldest sister of Trump, criticized her brother’s bid for the presidency. Mary said Trump’s sister told her about it over a meal in 2015.

As reported by CNN,  Barry allegedly said Donald was a clown, and he will never win.

CNN further reported that after removing a container of caviar, Trump regifted Mary with a basked of good.

In another year, the Guardian said the president gifted her niece with an underwear pack worth $12. Mary’s brother, on the other hand, received a leather-covered planner that was outdated.

 Donald Trump Jr. also echoed the same sentiment during a 2018 interview. He said that the president, at one instance, gave him a gift that he remembered giving his father a year before.

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC reported on Tuesday that Trump allegedly told Donald Jr. that he would renounce him if he signs up for the U.S. Army.

Source: AOL

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4 thoughts on “Mary Trump’s tell-all book raises five surprising details about President Trump

  1. Mary Trump is obviously an evil woman who only cares about money. She was a Hillary supporter so that says it all, and why do it now on election year? I don’t believe anything of her claims.

  2. What I guess she is broke and what better opportunity than to write a book about your uncle the President?
    She’s a piece of trash very poor judgement, the only people who will spend money and buy the book is the media who is always looking for new ways to hurt the president!

  3. But you believe Trump. You cant see how he has divided the country. Has done nothing but put down all the scientist and people who know way more than he does about the virus. Pardoned people that are his friends even though they are felons. Really people wake up so many people are dying and he dont even care hasnt even talked about it.

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