Mark Cuban says both Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s ignorance of technology scares him [Video]


  • Entrepreneur Mark Cuban admits that running for president is an idea that sometimes crosses his mind.
  • Cuban has always been a critic of both the president and former vice president, who are most likely face each other in the next presidential election.
  • The billionaire also said that he’s scared about the technological illiteracy of both Trump and Biden.   

Multi-billionaire Mark Cuban has been toying with the thought of running for the country’s highest position, and recently, he told CNBC that he hadn’t discounted the possibility of joining the 2020 election race yet.

The ‘Shark Tank” cast has been vocal in criticizing President Donald Trump and former vice president, Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

But when asked by Sean Hannity during an interview on Wednesday at Fox News, Cuban says his vote would likely go to Biden.

Cuban, however, also told Hannity that both sides of the camp scare him, referring to Joe Biden President Trump.

The tech mogul also told CNBC’s “Make It,” that he thinks both opposing men are not well knowledgeable of technology, and this is the time when the tool is s significant to strive medically, economically, and militarily in a global scale.

He added that the president doesn’t necessarily have to be computer guru, but having a profound understanding of the effect and capabilities of artificial intelligence (A.I), personalized medicine, robotics, and other tech skills is required in the modern world.

Cuban further remarked the coronavirus outbreak had indicated the weakness in the leadership of Trump, saying that he was proud of the president during the initial stages of his term as he was able to hire the best people.

He noted that lately, Trump only gets the people who appear to be loyal to him, which seemed to generate more problems during the coronavirus crisis.

Cuban also told Hannity that he commends Trump for his accomplishment strengthening the U.S. economy before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dallas Maverick’s owner continued by saying that he is worried about Trump’s inability to utilize his power, as he always made it appear that he was a victim of the media and Democrat’s propaganda.

Cuban believes that Trump hasn’t shown the strength he expects of the world’s most powerful head of the state.

However, when it comes to lapses in coronavirus response, Cuban said both political sides have its fair share of faults, such as scarcity with PPEs and ventilators availability issues.

In April, Cuban questioned Biden’s leadership presence amidst the pandemic, saying the former vice president has been remarkably silent.

Spokespersons for both Trump and Biden camp are yet to respond to CNBC’s request for a statement.

Source: CNBC Make It

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