Joe Biden is more disliked by Democrats than Bernie Sanders


  • A recent Insider polling among Democratic primary voters shows that Former Vice President Joe Biden’s nomination would be more unsatisfactory than if fellow presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders won the primary.
  • A Biden nomination got 27% unsatisfied likely Democratic voters while 21% would be dissatisfied with a Sanders win, and 15% would be dissatisfied with Warren.
  • Since Biden’s 2020 presidential bid in April, he continued to keep losing support.

Democratic primary voters would be more unsatisfied if Former Vice President Joe Biden won the Democratic primary than if Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren won the nomination, according to the latest polling by the Insider.

The Insider asked respondents who they would be satisfied with and dissatisfied with— in the event the candidate became the nominee.

The result: 27% of likely Democratic voters would be dissatisfied with Biden. That’s the highest since only 21% of Democratic primary voters would be unhappy if Sanders became the nominee while just 15% would be dissatisfied if Warren was the chosen one.

The former vice president is considered unsatisfactory by 32% by those who’d be satisfied with Sanders while 9% of Sanders’ supporters would be unhappy with Warren and just over 9% dislike Mayor Pete Buttigieg, while 18% don’t like Sen. Kamala Harris.

Biden is the second-most unpopular of the candidates among voters who support Sen.Warren, after author and motivational speaker Marianne Williamson.

Support for the former vice president has been steadily decreasing since he announced his 2020 presidential bid last April — and he’s particularly vulnerable to Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

According to Insider polling, yhe number of self-identified Democratic primary voters who’d be satisfied with a Biden presidency has consistently declined, dropping from a high of 71% in February to 56% in October.

Meanwhile, the number of Democrats who’d be unsatisfied if Biden were to win the nomination has jumped since early this year, the Insider reported. That figure has nearly doubled from about 14% in January to 27% in October.

Support for a Warren presidency among Biden supporters has steadily risen from 42% last December to 57% in October. Among Biden supporters, Warren is by far the candidate favored by the highest percentage of Biden supporters.


Source: AOL.Com

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