Jeffrey Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell, detained due to sex-abuse accusation


  • An associate and alleged accomplice of Epstein was arrested in connection to the millionaire’s sex abuse cases.
  • The British socialite, Maxwell, was either the facilitator or the enabler of Epstein’s sex ring, according to the court submitted statements.
  • Epstein died in August of 2019 to an apparent suicide while inside a jail in Manhattan.

Senior Law enforcement officials confirmed that federal authorities arrested Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time associate, in connection to the latter’s sex trafficking charges.

Several young ladies have charged the 58-year –old Maxwell of involvement in Epstein’s apparent sex trafficking syndicate.

Ghislaine is one of the daughters of the late Robert Maxwell,  a British publishing mogul. 

According to the accusers, Maxwell either employed them directly or supported them logistically, such as arranging their stays to Epstein’s property.

Her supposed role in Epstein’s case was put into spotlight last August when opened court documents revealed statements from the millionaire’s former employees, acquaintances, and masseuses.

The statement revealed that Maxwell is the convicted sexual predator’s principal facilitator.

Epstein has attempted to protect Maxwell from the civil legal obligation by making her appear as a former staff cited under the terms and conditions of the newly set up Epstein Victims Compensation Fund, the program’s administrator confirms.

For someone to be qualified to receive money from the grant, victims must agree to relinquish their right to prosecute any persons hired by Epstein.

The British socialite, Maxwell, via public court statements and fillings, has denied all accusations.

Last year, Epstein was placed under arrest at an airport in Teterboro, New Jersey, upon returning from Paris through a private plane. He was then charged with sex trafficking conspiracy and a separate case of sex trafficking.

Epstein was looking at 45 years of prison time of given a guilty verdict. He pleaded innocence but was denied to post bail.

The accusation faced by Epstein showed that he allegedly pursued minors as young as 14 between 2002 until 2005. Federal prosecutors said last month that the financier pays the girls hundreds of dollars for sex at either his Palm Beach Florida property or Manhattan townhouse.

Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan cell on the morning of August 10 last year, before his trial. While his death was said to be suicide, many guards liable for Epstein’s condition were charged with falsifying records and neglect of duty.

Since then, case prosecutors have sworn to put on trial all those who may have been involved in enlisting or enabling Epstein’s sexual acts with minors.

Two counts of prostitution crimes in Florida have led Epstein to serve 13 out of the 18-months verdict. That sentence was said to have resulted from a  plea agreement in 2007 that was confirmed by Alex Acosta, the Miami U.S. attorney at the time.

Source: AOL

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