Governor imposes indoor mask-wearing, bans alcohol sales on Thanksgiving eve


  • Pennsylvania is estimating about 22,000 new coronavirus infections per day in the state by December this year.
  • The banning of alcohol sales before Thanksgiving adds to the state’s existing restrictions, which include indoor face-mask wearing.
  • The governor also warned that local law enforcement would be deployed to ensure the measures are being followed.

Gov. Tom Wolf of  Pennsylvania, who implemented indoor face mask-wearing last week, proclaimed new guidelines on Monday to prevent the spread of resurging COVID-19 infection. One of the measures was banning the selling of alcohol for consumption within the premises.

In the statement, the governor said that the commonwealth is firming up the restrictions as Pennsylvania observed a spike in coronavirus cases, adding that all crowded activities and assemblies will be lessened until further advice.

The governor extended the alcohol selling restrictions to the industry of retail food services such as restaurants, bars, and private catering, by November 25 at 5 p.m.

The governor’s office also explained the new measures are designed to curtail the spread of the infection at this period when COVID-19 models predict that around 22,000 new cases daily will be recorded in Pennsylvania by December.

The governor added the restrictions his office announced, and those currently implemented are executory, noting that there will be coordinated efforts between law enforcement officers and state agencies to ensure it will be followed. The government would issue citations with fines and potentially further actions for frequent offenders.

Like Gov. Wolf, other state and city heads gave attention to alcohol selling prior to the holidays. Mayor Muriel Bowser of the District of Columbia ordered on Monday that diners may remain open until twelve midnight but should stop selling alcohol by 10 p.m, effective Wednesday, November 25.

Fox News sent a formal request to the governor’s press office about its comment on banning alcohol sales.

The Wolf administration’s move in banning alcohol for within vicinity drinking is the most recent response to intensify restrictions in the determination to fight the growing COVID-19 cases.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health last week proclaimed that face masks are now mandatory outdoors where it’s impossible to keep a distance of no less than six feet from other individuals. The order also includes households where gatherings occur, even if social distancing is observed.

On Monday, Wolf tweeted that his constituents are in a risky health situation and urged everyone to cooperate in curbing the spread of COVID-19, which infected millions worldwide.

He further emphasized that more stringent measures were required considering the challenge its health care systems and state hospitals are facing.

Source: Fox News

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