George Floyd’s brother calls for peace over his brother’s death [Video]


  • Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, addressed the large crowd on Monday at the spot in Minneapolis where his brother was killed after being kneeled on the neck by a white officer.
  • Representing the Floyd family, Terrence pleaded to protesters to stop violence and observe peaceful rallies.
  • The memorial site became a place of calm in the midst of chaos for George Floyd’s death.

Large crowd gathered on Monday at the spot in Minneapolis where George Floyd was fatally killed as a white police officer pressed his knee on his neck for around eight minutes.

The gathering was led by Floyd’s brother Terrence Floyd who, before giving a speech, kneeled at the storefront that was converted into a memorial covered with flowers and signs. Terrence was wearing a face mask with his brother’s image on it. 

Terrence, who came from Houston, where he and George grew up, addressed the crowd: “I understand y’all are upset. I doubt y’all are half as upset as I am. What are y’all doing? … That’s not going to bring my brother back at all.”

He said he did not understand why the three other cops who were involved during the brutal encounter together with Derek Chauvin have not been arrested and charged. Despite, Terrence said that their family, which he described as “peaceful” and “God-fearing,” wants peaceful protests, hoping that justice will be served.

“In every case of police brutality the same thing has been happening. You have protests, you destroy stuff … so they want us to destroy ourselves. Let’s do this another way,” he said, encouraging the crowd to vote and to educate themselves. “Let’s switch it up, y’all.”

“My brother moved here from Houston. He loved it here,” Terrence continued “So I know he would not want you all to be doing this.” 

He further said he appreciates the show of support and love for his brother and their family.

Terrence was encouraged by Civil rights leader Reverend Kevin McCall of New York to urge protesters to stop violence and remain calm. McCall also brought other community members at the memorial site.

“We’re sending a message to people all over the country. Stop the looting and throw up the peace sign. Don’t stop protesting, but throw up the peace sign,” McCall said.

Before ending his speech, Terrence led the people in chanting his brother’s name.

“What’s his name?” he said. “George Floyd!” the crowd answered back.

The memorial site was a space of calm amid the turmoil that crippled Minneapolis for days last week before it spread nationwide.

George Floyd, 46-year-old black, was killed last week after being fatally arrested in Minneapolis on accusations of forgery. Chauvin, the white officer who kneeled on his neck, has been charged with murder.


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