Florida not to close beach resorts despite rising alarm over coronavirus pandemic [Video]


  • Florida State announced that they would continue to let beach resorts open despite the countrywide alerts over the coronavirus crisis.
  • Governor Ron DeSantis urged beachgoers to practice social distancing and avert crowding of more than ten people.
  • CDC is still learning the spreading behavior of COVID-19, but initial findings suggest transmission is through “person-to-person” contact.

NBC News reported Tuesday that  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the state would let beaches open amidst the worldwide concern over the coronavirus crisis.

The Republican politician noted, though, that beaches in Florida should comply with the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and this includes social distancing and avoiding crowds of ten people or more.

DeSantis reportedly told journalists during a press briefing that they will apply CDC guidelines in dealing with all the beach resort operations in Florida, such as no groups of more than ten individuals and practice safe distance from each other.

According to reports by a news affiliate of NBC, DeSantis also said that he had an opportunity to talk with both mayors of coastal cities, and although they would let the beaches open, guests, especially students coming in for their spring break,  should be extra cautious.

The governor added that they received reports that the number of crowds at beaches varies across the state. 

As of now, there are no less than 280 confirmed infected and seven deaths related to coronavirus in the state, as reported by Florida’s Department of Health.

At one instance during a presser on Tuesday, Fox News reported DeSantis was heard saying that students going on breaks have been flocking on universities, and these gatherings are something they want to avoid.

The governor’s remarks came after the surfacing of a recent video that went viral, showing crowds of thousands of people flocking in Clearwater Beach, Florida, despite the health authorities’ social distancing advisory over coronavirus crisis.

At present, CDC has told that virus experts are yet to determine how COVID-19 spreads; however, the agency stated on its website that the virus is transmitted mainly through “person-to-person” interaction.

The latest data gathered by the CDC indicates that cases exceeded 7,000 and surpassed 90 deaths in the U.S.

The coronavirus originated in China a few months ago, and The New York Times listed more than 209,000 tested positive plus no less than 8,700 casualties worldwide due to the virus outbreak.

Source: The Hill

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