Florida Hospitals Face ICU beds shortage with coronavirus spike


  • Several US states saw a record number of new coronavirus cases this week, and Florida could be the next epicenter of the outbreak as it recorded the biggest single-day spike of more than 3,200 cases.
  • Out of 6,064 adult ICU spots statewide, only 1,371 beds are available, or only 22.6%.
  • Florida state’s health agency spokesman Patrick Manderfield said that hospitals had planned and prepared for the surge and that new beds are being added.

The state of Florida recorded a biggest single-day spike of more than 3,200 cases, Florida now struggles with intensive care unit (ICU) beds availability. Only a quarter of its hospitable beds can be used.  

In an update posted by the Agency for Health Care Administration, only 1,371 adult ICU spots are available out of 6,064 statewide or about 22.6 percent.

Counties percentage availability are:

Broward County (Florida’s 2nd largest) – 20.9%

Hillsborough County (state’s 4th most populous) – 19.0%

Miami Dade (state’s most populous) had 3 hospitals with no ICU beds available

All throughout Florida – 26 hospitals no available ICU capacity.

A spokesperson for Florida state’s health agency, Patrick Manderfield said that new beds are being added and that hospitals had planned and prepared for the surge.

“Hospitals have the ability to convert beds and bring additional ICU beds online in a surge situation when necessary. Within 48 hours, hospitals have the capability to dramatically increase statewide staffed capacity in the event of a surge situation,” Manderfield said.

The surge has prompted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to mull over whether to impose a two-week quarantine period against Floridians coming to New York and will be conferring with his public health experts.

“They were afraid that New Yorkers would being the virus to their state,” Cuomo said on Thursday. “Fast forward 100 days, now we’re afraid they’re bringing the virus to our state.”

It can be recalled that when New York City was hard hit and a huge part of its population was fighting the pandemic, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered visitors coming from New York and other states with high coronavirus cases to undergo quarantine.

Fast forward to 100 days, Floridians who will be going to New York might face a quarantine. 

“Who would believe this 180- turnaround?” Mayor Cuomo said as he appeared to fight a grin.

Source: NBC News

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2 thoughts on “Florida Hospitals Face ICU beds shortage with coronavirus spike

  1. Fl. does Not have a huge spike in the virus, NY & Ca. Should be Quarantined from the rest of the Country! Miami and Orlando, high minority areas have continued to have cases because of ignorance. Watch out for the Flu, with injections it still Kills more than the Covid 19.

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