Explosion and fire erupts on San Diego Naval Base’s USS Bonhomme Richard, leaving 21 injured [Video]


  • Twenty-one people were injured as a fire, and an explosion breaks out on USS Bonhomme Richard at San Diego Naval Base.
  • The fire is still not controlled as of Sunday evening, leaving around seventeen personnel and four civilians hurt.
  • The cause of the fire is still yet to be determined during the investigation.

On Sunday, no less than 21 people were injured following a fire and explosion that flares up at the USS Bonhomme Richard at Naval Base San Diego, as confirmed by military authorities.

On a statement, the Navy said that 17 sailors and four non-listed personnel are currently under treatment for minor injuries at the hospital. All incoming ships have been instructed to provide firefighting assistance to all groups.

San Diego Naval Base, public information officer Krishna Jackson, confirmed the fire started on the ship before 9 a.m. The fire is yet to be contained as of Sunday evening.

The Navy also confirmed the Federal Fire San Diego is on the scene to help put out the fire in Naval Base San Diego.

Rob Bondurant, Federal Fire San Diego Division Chief, said the two teams, including U.S Navy firefighting crews, are helping out to keep the fire out aboard the ship and hold it off on the bay as well.

Where the fire originated was still undetermined while the investigation is on-going.

On a later part of Sunday, the Navy noted the two guided-missile destroyers were transferred from the Bonhomme Richard after it caught on fire.

The USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) was one of the warships forced to switch wharves, and the Navy said at around 1:00 p.m,.it shifted away from the accident spot.  Around 30 minutes, the USS Russell (DDG 59) was also moved.

Through Twitter, the U.S. Pacific Fleet Naval Surface Forces said 18 sailors are now under treatment with minor injuries, noting 160 were on board when the explosion occurred.

Photos of the fire primarily showed a massive trail of smoke seen in San Diego. The accident happened in the port where Bonhomme Richard is based.

Naval Operations Chief, Admiral Mike Gilday, said through a statement on a Sunday night that they are thankful for the firefighter groups’ response from the local and those aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard. 

The admiral added that his prayers go with the BHR Sailors, the families, and the disaster responders who were still working to suppress the fire.

The ship can set out and accommodate helicopters, small-sized boats, and amphibious automobiles.

Source: Fox News

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