Donald Trump to visit Arizona, concluding isolation in White House for weeks


  • U.S President to end weeks-long isolation at the White House and says he would visit Arizona first.
  • Many campaign rallies have been put off temporarily ever since the time coronavirus hits America.
  • Trump expressed his desire to interact with people affected by the health crisis, and he was seemed eager to end his White House confinement.  

On Wednesday, U.S President Donald Trump announces that he is to visit Arizona next week, and that is the first after his months of quarantine at the White House.

Trump sat down with business officials at the White House, and during the meeting, Trump said he would begin traveling again around the country, noting that he wished to conduct as many rallies.

Trump told reporters that he would resume the presidential campaign first at the state of Arizona next week, adding that Ohio is next in line.

The Post on Wednesday described how Trump’s camp was planning for the possibility of travel for the head of state.

In the last seven weeks, Trump has been limited to the Whitehouse, and it seemed he was now exasperated of isolation amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump was only able to leave at least once from the White House during that period.

The president said that it will still be early to stand near each other; thus, the Arizona assembly will be held on an industrial spot.

Bloomberg News noted in their report that the event could be a personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturing plant tour.

Sources told the Post that close allies and advisers urged the president to have an appointment with coronavirus essential businesses and try to flip the bad press against his daily pressers about the pandemic.

With the forthcoming presidential election in November, Trump expressed his desire to conduct more of the crowded rallies, which some were canceled because of the health crisis.

Trump said he still hopes to see soon some huge rallies, where people sit close to each other and not leaving safe distances in between, noting it does not suit well for a gathering.

The president still wants to witness rallies with 25,000 people in attendance, stressing that wild crowds are just expressing love for the country.

Sources also added Trump is very much willing to connect again with Americans who were affected by the pandemic, and he wanted to travel soon.

Earlier this month, Trump proclaimed that he would convey the inauguration address on June 13 at this year’s graduation exercises of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence has made some travels recently, and on Tuesday, he was seen dropping by to staff and other COVID-19 patients at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

The vice president, however, was criticized for not wearing a face mask while touring the health facility even if Mayo Clinic obliges all visitors to wear protection so that coronavirus spread may be avoided.

Source: New York Post

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