Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump in constant war for father’s approval


  • Several sources claim that Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., the oldest children of U.S. President Donald Trump, are locked in a constant war as they compete for their father’s favor.
  • The siblings have reportedly accused each other of planting damaging stories in the media.
  • Representatives for both Ivanka and Trump Jr. denied the disagreement between the siblings.

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr., the president’s oldest children, are reportedly locked in a constant war as they compete for their father’s approval. The Atlantic reported that the siblings have accused each other of planting damaging stories in the press.

According to The Atlantic, several sources claimed that the siblings are constantly competing for their father’s favor. The report cited interviews with President Donald Trump’s family friends, campaign aides, former employees, and White House officials.

The sibling rivalry had reportedly escalated after their father was elected president. But it intensified when Trump Jr.’s strong and popular campaign with rural Republicans made him a mainstay at his father’s rallies.

He was reportedly viewed by the president as the less useful child before his successful campaign.

After forming separate teams of allies and advisors, the siblings soon grew “paranoid that the other’s henchmen were planting damaging stories about them in the press.”

Ivanka’s team was reportedly “enraged” by McClatchy’s November 2018 report, which headlined “Trump kids on the campaign trail: Don Jr. wows, Ivanka disappoints.” The Atlantic report stated that she suspected her brother’s team of “planting” the story.

Trump Jr. also accused Ivanka’s team of “undermining him in off-the-record conversations with reporters.” A source claimed that he told his sister: “Tell your people to stop trashing me to the media.”

Meanwhile, spokespeople for both Ivanka and Trump Jr. denied the rift between the siblings.

Both siblings continue to represent their father on various occasions. Ivanka is an official advisor to the president and is often present in meetings with world leaders. Trump Jr., meanwhile, is more visible in his father’s campaigns and rallies.

The Atlantic reported that the two often try to influence their father’s policies, which usually put them on opposite sides.


Source: AOL

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